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I discovered after 24 years that I have curly hair. These aren't good pictures at all, especially the one that makes my nose look like it's three miles long... but look, I have curly hair!!

Baby Belly

For those of you wondering how the belly is progressing.... here it is... it looks bigger than it is because I pulled my arm back to get out of the picture, then I realized that it made me look bigger. Oh well! that's the belly....

giving birth- this one's mostly for Beth, cuz I don't think anyone else will care...

well, for those of you who read this and care, I've made an important decision about giving birth. I'm gonna do it. Yup in September. oh wait, you already knew that. For real I decided I am going to go all natural. no Epidural. I never wanted one anyway, but I had never met anyone who had given birth without one (aside from my mom who gave birth when the dinasours walked the earth... oh wait, that means i'm old....) so uh.. anyway. Last weekend I met a woman who is 30, and gave birth to two children without one. I was so excited. She talked about all sorts of things no one had ever talked to me about. She informed me that my DR doesn't do Episiotomies, which is a relief because I heard healing from those is worse than tearing. anyway... so the main reason they give epidurals is because you can't push after getting an episiotomy. So yah, to make a long story short.. I'm going all natural. Good thing I have a high pain tolerance, cuz I know it's gonna hurt like the dickens. Anyway, that was my little tid bit of TMI for you...

More Eugene's nieces

These are two more of Eugene's nieces, Gabbie and Torie. Gabbie is the younger one! He has beautiful Nieces


These are two of Eugene's nieces, Britt and Abbey. Britt is the younger one

Me and Tig at the River

what a lovely self portrait of my wonderful Husband, Eugene (AKA TIG) and I. :)

Baby McCurdy

Well, here's the baby's first picture! If you can tell what is where, the baby has it's hand in front of it's face, we like to say it's sucking it's thumb. :) Anyway, that is the baby two weeks ago, so it's a little bigger now. The next ultra sound isn't until May, so we have to wait alittle while to see another picture. But we will find out if it's a boy or a girl then, so we can stop saying "it"


Apparently no one cares about turtles... So i'll tell you my newest solution to acne... Nutragena bar soap. it smells nasty, but in two days my face has cleared up so much!! i had pregnancy hormones making me break out so bad, and my doctor told me to try that. It works wonders!!