The Mall is calling

Last Friday night we decided to go to Winston Salem to do some shopping, only problem is we neglected to realize how much time it was going to take at Best Buy for my husband to get his Iphone. So at the end of the night we drove 3 hours total, just to go to target and best buy. So today... we're headed down to do some mall shopping. I don't go to the mall very often, and when we do we don't normally buy anything, but we do find some good deals on clearance racks in old navy and children's place from time to time.  Hopefully the girls will be happy long enough to allow us to do some shopping. Maybe we'll reward them with Chuck E Cheese.

I'm also hoping my knees hold up to walk around. I was on Prednizone which helped greatly, but after 36 hours without it my knees are already starting to swell. I think I might have to start taking some fish oil supplements for my joints, maybe I should throw in some fat burner supplements too.  I guess we'll do what we can do!!