More Park Fun!

For the third day in a row it was a gorgeous day here. Today wasn't as hot as yesterday, but it was still nice enough to enjoy some time at the park. Since Eugene was with us and we had the car we went to the park that's about 10 miles away, it's bigger and has a lot more for the kids to do, they love it. Today our big adventure was throwing rocks in the creek. The girls are always surprised when I tell them they can do things where they might get dirty, I love to see Lexi's face when I say "Go ahead, play in the dirt!" or, "dig in the mud!" She lights up like I just gave her a big ice cream cone. Makes me wonder just how sheltered I've made them!

I get a little frustrated at this park, like I said, it's bigger so there are a lot more people, and with more people come bigger kids. and with bigger kids come trouble. Especially because bigger kids want to do whatever they want and bigger kids parent's don't pay attention to make sure they're not doing anything bad... I had to tell a few kids a couple times not to do things. They thought it was fun to climb up slides while Lexi and Caylee were trying to go down. climbing up slides is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you're the only one on the playground- fine, but if you're 9 and there's a 2 year old trying to slide down.... Yah.  They also wanted to throw rocks (by kids, not in the creek). Made me wonder if their parents bought mass amounts of insurance to cover the damage their kids must cause.

Hopefully  as my kids grow they will learn to respect others and property. and general rules like "don't climb up the slide when other kids want to slide down!"