The weight loss jouney begins again

I've done horrible with my weight since Josiah was born, I think I've actually gained a few pounds from the lowest I got. (I dropped 30lbs in 10 days right after he was born, but I've gained a few since then.)  Yesterday morning my husband and I both got on the scale and realized we both have between 25 and 30lbs to lose to be at our ideal weights.

So we decided we'd do something about it. And since we're both in it together, maybe we will stick to it!  Instead of trying to find diet pills that work, we're going to stop buying girl scout cookies (and all other forms of junk), start eating smaller portions and exercise! My knees have been good for a week now, so next week we are going to start walking 3-4 days a week and see what happens. If all goes well with my knees we'll up it and start jogging, or walking more often and further.  Hopefully in a month I will be running again. 

My husband's face was priceless tonight at supper when I told him he could only have two pieces of pizza. lol. About what my mind was saying the whole time I made one small pizza. Amazingly enough I'm plenty full. I've been doing good this week to avoid eating snacks after supper, I get bad cravings right after supper and around 9:30pm.  The good thing is I KNOW my weak times and the foods that I have no self control on, so I can be sure to not buy those foods, and also be prepared with a full glass of lemon water at my weak moments.

Hopefully soon we'll be looking good!  We've got a year to get ourselves looking great for our 10 year anniversary trip!