This is my goddaughter, godson and their parents... sorry about the random picture of my sister and her adorable five children without any warning.  Posted by Hello

My sister's Family Posted by Hello

uhh... it's been a while

It's been a long time since I blogged. so I thought I would take advantage of my unemployment and write something in here. to catch you up to speed.... uhhh I have a new Goddaughter, if i figure out the picture thing i'll post a picture. My sis in law is getting married in the end of June- God finally gave her her soulmate. Beth is going crazy waiting for her slow internet to download something that only took me 1.5 minutes.... But she is still fun. My husband's band ( is going on tour leaving here April 18th and wont be back until June 4th... I will be alone for a month and a half. But to make that time interesting I am going to go visit Beth and her pregnant belly- which is a girl. Anyway, as you can tell my life is boring... so comment on something and make me feel special....