Works For Me Wednesday: Bye-Bye Boo-boo

My friend Beth got me interested in The Works for Me Wednesday from Rocks in My Dryer, I thought this was a perfect week to jump in. My daughter will be a year old tomorrow, so I don't have years and years of experience and knowledge built up. However, it doesn't take long being a mom before you learn a thing or two. The little bit of advice I have to offer started before my years of of parenthood when I was just an aunt, but worked today when my daughter hit her head.
When a tumbling toddler bumps into a door frame, or clunks their head off the corner of a table try blaming the table! We "spank" the object that caused the injury and say "bad table!" or "bad door!" More times than not the reaction is smiles. Say bye-bye Boo-Boo and good morning giggle!

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A Year Ago Today -as inspired by Beth

Lexi turns one tomorrow. This amazes me. It seems like in a matter of days she has gone from this :
To this :

Nothing explains my thoughts better than Beth's blog from the day before Olivia turned one. There are a few differences, one being I DON'T fit into my pants yet and the second one being I had changed a diaper before Lexi was born. But still, how did a year go by so fast?!

The mother of a Toddler

If I now sweep the floor atleast 3 times a day due to food not dirt,

And spend more time telling Lexi not to play with the DVD player than I do changing her diaper,

And I'm afraid to go to the bathroom for fear I'll come back and find her into something,
Does this mean I'm the mother of a Toddler?

my life in a nutshell

The story of my circumstances...
I'm just kidding, I love my crazy husband I met online


My baby turns one in a week. I can't believe it. Time goes by way too fast. Cherish the moments you have with your children. I'm afraid I'm going to sneeze and she'll be 18.

My Moral Dilemma

I faced a moral dilemma yesterday, I guess I'm still facing it, I've just made a decision now. Since I had the Molar pregnancy it is very important that I don't get pregnant in the next 6-12 months. Well my DR back in TN put me on birth control. I took it for about a week and it was making my legs numb so I stopped taking it. I met with my new doctor here in NC yesterday and he told me I can't get pregnant for one year and put me on a different pill. I have always been dead set against the pill- all forms. I have a very strong opinion about Abortion and birth control and in all my research on various sites including rock for life I learned a thing about the pill that most people don't know. There are many different pills that actually prohibit a fertilized egg from attaching to the lining of your uterus. To me that is an abortion. The pill my DR in TN put me on didn't do that, so I asked the DR here if the new pill he was giving me did- this is our conversation:
ME: Is this a type of pill that will kill the baby if I do get pregnant while on it?
DR: there are no oral contraceptives that do that.
ME: Let me rephrase that, will this pill keep a fertilized egg from attaching to the lining of my uterus?
DR: the first way this pill works is by keeping you from ovulating, the second way is it keeps the sperm from passing through the mucus in the cervix..."

he stopped short I knew there had to be more so I just took the boxes of pills with me and went home to research. Sure enough when i looked up YAZ I saw this :also cause changes in your cervical mucous and uterine lining, making it harder for sperm to reach the uterus and harder for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus.

So there I was facing a little bit of a hard decision - listen to my DR who was trying to scare me into thinking this was my only option or stick to my convictions that birth control is bad and trust God to keep me from getting pregnant. Seems obvious doesn't it? saying trust God when the dr is telling you all these bad things could happen if you get pregnant is easy, but actually trusting him... that's another story. Believe me though, my heart was screaming to throw the pills in the trash, my husband was telling me to take the pill and my dr was telling me to take the pill. After a clear talk with my husband he understood I didn't want to take it and he made it clear that he didn't really want me to take it. So my choice? No Pill for me.
It's not just the knowledge that some pills can keep the egg from attaching to the uterus, there is more to it than that for me. I'm not saying this to make anyone out there who is taking the pill feel guilty or feel like they are doing something wrong. I do encourage you to research the pill you are on and know all the facts, I would then take those facts regardless of what they are and pray hard about what God wants. I'm a bit old fashioned on the pregnancy topic, I feel God will give you a baby when He wants you to have a baby. To me that means just doing things naturally and letting God have complete control. Trust me if you're taking birth control and God wants you pregnant, you'll get pregnant- ask my sister who has 5 children - she was on birth control with 4 of them and still got pregnant.
So my moral dilemma has been solved and it gives me a great opportunity to trust the God who created me and the universe- i think He can handle it.

my daughter has an ego

Today at the dr's office someone told Lexi She was so pretty she should be on a magazine cover that she'd blow some of those other babies away. Lexi immediatly opened her eyes wide and started nodding her head as if she was saying "Tell me about it! I'm so much prettier than those babies"

Adventures of July 21st

Daddy drove me a half an hour away to his company picnic at the Lazy 5 Ranch, they promised me a full day of fun. First we got on a horse pulled wagon and I realize mommy had a camera.

We saw a Zebra- that's what Daddy called it, I just know it wasn't a human.

Then Daddy took a picture of mommy and I on the wagon looking at all the animals.

Then we saw a long horned steer, it kept following the wagon

at the end of the tour we saw it trying to get in someone's car!

i learned that buffalo have really big mouths and tongues.

We saw Giraffes too! We saw tons of animals but...

I got fussy.

the swing made me happy.

After the family picnic we had to go get the car inspected, so we went to a local shop where mommy did something that made her cry...

Notice anything? here's a closer one...

Yup, mommy got her nose pierced, and it hurt even though the lady doing it said it wouldn't...

So many new things, so little time

I kept saying I was going to inform the blogger world of all the new stuff going on in my life, but have yet to have time. As you can see we had our pictures taken two weeks ago. A friend of ours from church took them, they came out very good and once we get the edited copies, there will be more posted- especially of Lexi.
First things first- we moved! Yup, we now live in North Carolina again. If you want my address email me and I'll give it to you if I feel you need it. Eugene got a new job so we moved. The job is awesome, it's commercial drafting for a company with amazing benefits. As a matter of fact the reason i have so little time right now is because in an hour we will be leaving for the company picnic which is being held here.
Lexi is going to be one in 12 days. I can't believe it. I was looking at the pictures from when she was first born it seems like yesterday, she was so tiny and perfect. Now she's growing and well... the sin nature has started to kick in. She's still lazy though, no walking or crawling even for this girl, rolling is her choice of mobility.
Some of you might remember me announcing that I was pregnant, well about a month ago we found out I had a Molar Pregnancy. Luckily I had the lesser evil of the two, the partial which has less of a chance of causing cancer and it also means we only have to wait 6 months before trying to get pregnant again.
In an overview that is what has been going on, I'll post more once i have more time and more pictures. I'll leave you with one more...