Adventures of July 21st

Daddy drove me a half an hour away to his company picnic at the Lazy 5 Ranch, they promised me a full day of fun. First we got on a horse pulled wagon and I realize mommy had a camera.

We saw a Zebra- that's what Daddy called it, I just know it wasn't a human.

Then Daddy took a picture of mommy and I on the wagon looking at all the animals.

Then we saw a long horned steer, it kept following the wagon

at the end of the tour we saw it trying to get in someone's car!

i learned that buffalo have really big mouths and tongues.

We saw Giraffes too! We saw tons of animals but...

I got fussy.

the swing made me happy.

After the family picnic we had to go get the car inspected, so we went to a local shop where mommy did something that made her cry...

Notice anything? here's a closer one...

Yup, mommy got her nose pierced, and it hurt even though the lady doing it said it wouldn't...


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Still hot. Even with a nose piercing. Actually, it suits you. don't know if it would suit me. IT'S 12:30 AND I'M STILL UP! Someone come force me to bed. It's all your fault, Jes. You posted way too many pictures of your adorable baby girl. And your hot nose.