is this sad or what? Lexi is not due for THREE months but she already has EIGHT pairs of shoes. And what exactly does a newborn do with shoes anyway? they're just so darn cute. My baby girl's not spoiled... what are you talking about?




It's been a long time since I actually wrote on here, so I'll try to think of something exciting to say. My Stacy got her hair cut and she looks very cute.... I'll post a picture when I'm done.
Eugene's off in the middle of the woods for the weekend with the Youth Group. They are having "Survivor Camp." doing all sorts of weird things I'm sure. Lexi got the hiccups today, it was interesting. I think she had them yesterday too, because I kept feeling her twitch, it wasn't until today that I paid attention enough to notice it was rhythmatic.... or had rhythm. I'm a horrible speller but you know what I mean. we went to NC to visit Eugene's family this past weekend, that was TONS of fun. they had a small baby shower for us which was nice. we got some really cute stuff and a bunch of diapers! WOO WOO! It was just good to get to see his family. I wish mine lived close enough that we could drive there for a weekend.
ok, so I have NOTHING to say... so I'll just get off of here...
thanks for reading my rambles...