It's done!

Well, Today was race day. My first ever running race. I trained for months to be able to run 5 miles and the day finally came. It was great to be able to run with my sister (who flew down from MAINE to run with me- she's so crazy!)

If I didn't have her with me running I probably would have walked some, I'm not sure what happened because I have been able to run five miles for quite a few weeks now, there were hills but they weren't anything worse than where I trained. I think most of it has to do with how fast we ran for the first 2 miles or so. We finished though, running the whole thing faster than my goal (50 minutes), so that's good. For my first race I think it was pretty good. It was at least an accomplishment. I wonder though if it might be easier to buy Ferrari parts than run a race. It was so crowded for the first mile and according to my sister this race wasn't half as crowded as most of the ones she runs. I wasn't use to running elbow to elbow, heal to toe with people so it made things interesting.

Either way, I ran it. It's over. Now I have to decide what to train for next. With an 8K under my belt I'm wondering if my next race should be a 5K or a 10K, because I really did want to die around the 3.5 mile mark. he he.

a job? maybe?

So, my husband has been out of work since November. We've somehow been living off of unemployment. It's not our favorite thing to do, but with two kids we can't exactly just take anything. I can't even go out and get a job to help make up the slack.

He's had a few little freelance jobs come in since November, he is trying to start a business but with the economy the way it is not too much work is coming. Well Tomorrow he has a meeting with someone who will hopefully have steady at least part time work for now. Hopefully it will be enough to pay the bills!

Luckily we haven't gotten behind on any of our bills. We don't live a luxurious lifestyle with crazy things like cable (he he) but because of some (not so good) decisions in our past, we have a bit of debt which makes it hard to survive on little money. We have cheap auto insurance, so that was easy to keep up with too.

The biggest thing that's kept us ok is God. He's somehow made our money stretch to pay all the bills each month. Keep in mind we're making about half as much on unemployment as we were when my husband was working (and we barely got by when he was employed). Somehow He's managed to make sure all our bills get paid, we have food in our bellies and gas in our car. I don't even TRY to keep a budget or make sense of it all because on paper it doesn't work. Isn't God awesome!?

With good weather come lots of leg rolls.

The past few days have been glorious here, almost 80 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze. Weather like this means breaking out the cute little dresses for Caylee. Both yesterday and today she wore little outfits that showed off her um..not so little thighs. With her legs exposed you can see the fullness of the leg rolls. The rolls that keep coming and just when you think you've seen them all you take off her diaper to find more. These thighs make me think we might need to look into extended stay hotels for all the rolls that keep showing up our apartment is almost full! They are adorable though all 27 of them. She got lots of compliments at church today about them, they're hard to resist. An old man even came over while we were eating lunch and pinched them while commenting on them.

Lexi had a little bit of a chunky stage, but nothing like this, in fact the clothes Caylee is wearing right now Lexi wore when she was about 10-12 months old! (Caylee is 6 months). I have to admit, I love the chunky baby!!