It's done!

Well, Today was race day. My first ever running race. I trained for months to be able to run 5 miles and the day finally came. It was great to be able to run with my sister (who flew down from MAINE to run with me- she's so crazy!)

If I didn't have her with me running I probably would have walked some, I'm not sure what happened because I have been able to run five miles for quite a few weeks now, there were hills but they weren't anything worse than where I trained. I think most of it has to do with how fast we ran for the first 2 miles or so. We finished though, running the whole thing faster than my goal (50 minutes), so that's good. For my first race I think it was pretty good. It was at least an accomplishment. I wonder though if it might be easier to buy Ferrari parts than run a race. It was so crowded for the first mile and according to my sister this race wasn't half as crowded as most of the ones she runs. I wasn't use to running elbow to elbow, heal to toe with people so it made things interesting.

Either way, I ran it. It's over. Now I have to decide what to train for next. With an 8K under my belt I'm wondering if my next race should be a 5K or a 10K, because I really did want to die around the 3.5 mile mark. he he.