My sister came down for our "big" race last weekend and not only did we run the 8K, we also did a lot of shopping. We did more "window shopping" then actual buying. We spent half a day in the mall looking for dresses to wear to our cousin's wedding. I couldn't believe the price of things, I never go shopping in big stores, I tend to stick to Target, or cheaper stores. I did manage to find a good sale at Charlotte Russe in the mall and snagged an outfit! I could have bought almost everything in that store if money was unlimited!

I also fell in love with a couple skirts from Kohls, they were on sale too, but not a good enough sale for me to justify buying them since I had already bought a whole outfit from another store. I'd love to buy a new wordrobe, mine consists of wholey, bleached up t-shirts. One piece of clothing at a time right?!