Livin' It

Ever heard of Livin' it?

Steven Baldwin started a skate board ministry called Livin' It. I'll quote their page about what Livin it is about

"Livin It is a way of life.

It's about finding a purpose for being on this planet, knowing there's a God who loves you for who you are, and believing there's hope for the future. Livin It is about having a purpose and sharing it with everyone you interact with."

Not only did Steven Baldwin start the skate company, he also wrote a biography called The Unusual Suspect My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith.

You might wonder why I know or care so much about this, it really has everything to do with my husband. My husband has a passion and heart for Jesus. He also has a love for music. a few years ago he went across America as the drummer for the band Believe. The Extreme Tour was all about the "hardcore movement of faith" Skaters and bands joined together and spent 6 months on the road playing at skate parks, parking lots, churches and schools. He even had the chance to meet Steven Baldwin.

Don't get me wrong, Steven Baldwin is just a man, any man with God's help could do what he is doing and reach people for Christ. I am just glad to see people reaching out to further God's kingdom.

meaninful gifts

Have you ever given, or gotten that perfect gift, then wondered how you'll beat it next year? I absolutely LOVE to give my husband gifts. I have yet to find the perfect gift for him though. I've tried a pocket watch, clothes, a drum rack and other musical stuff. Maybe one day I'll get it right. I know I have gotten some good gifts. One of which was my birthday/anniversary gift a few years ago.

It started with a dozen roses, then a blindfolded car ride that ended at a cute bed and breakfast in the middle of the country. It was so nice. Romantic too!

Kitchen stock up

We got our tax return today. One thing I like to do each year is stock up our kitchen. It's nice to once a year buy a bunch of stuff that will last. I buy spices, canned goods, and baking supplies.

Anyone have an ideas of common spices I should get? I've noticed in different recipes I only have about half of the spices. I don't stock up on oils or extracts because I've yet to find a need for grape seed extract.

I think I'll stick to spices and canned goods.

Bargin stores

My husband and I love stores like Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Big Lots.

I think Big Lots is my all time favorite. They have name brand stuff for cheaper than in most stores. We were there last night just wandering around- that's dangerous for us, we walked out after spending $17.

I was amazed at the selection of stuff they had, toys, household items, baby stuff, even car covers. We like their food supply, we ended up getting Oreos, Teddygrams, and almonds as well as some computer speakers and soap. We're such impulse buyers.

Clutter, you are no longer welcome

I've mentioned here before that My husband and I are slight pack rats. We like to keep everything that might be sentimental some day. The thing is, it gets put in a box and we never look at it again.

We have gotten better over the 5 years of marriage that we've survived. Each year we tend to go through our boxes of stuff and see what we can part with. It's amazing to me the importance of some things and the unimportance of others.

In the past I have thrown away my engraved plaques from Awana, yet held onto a note written by my husband. I've thrown out my cap from graduation, but held on to a childhood toy. It's amazing the things I find importance in.

The best thing we've done for our clutter is learned to throw away things as the come in the door. There are lots of things that we get- say a birthday card or other piece of mail, that in the past would have been thrown in a box after a few months of being displayed on the desk. Now They are displayed, then thrown away. If they are exceptionally cute, I might cut the picture out for scrapbooking, or card making, but normally they just get tossed.

One day, we'll get to the bottom of the boxes and realize it's pointless to hold on to that stuff, but for now, I'm happy with our baby steps.

Is it just me, or is today lasting 12 hours longer than normal?

Days like today make me wish I was still working in an office.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE staying home with my daughter, but today is dragging by! I did more housework before lunch than I normally do all day, and I took a 2 hour nap, and watched tv, and read some in a book, and looked around on the internet. AND IT'S ONLY 3:15!!!

Working out side of the home has it's ups and downs, the last place I worked I actually appreciated my job. They actually appreciated me too- which is rare. Although it could have used some work in the area of corporate performance management, and it could have shown it's appreciation for it's employers a little more, it was still a fun job. It always kept me busy which I think is why I liked it.

Being busy helps the day go by. Maybe that's why today is going so slow. I've run out of things to do. How is that possible? Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

Hmm... I guess I'll start another load of laundry.