Almost 32 weeks!

Well, I'm almost 32 weeks! Time is flying. I love feeling Caylee move, I love how every morning around 10 she gets the hiccups. We're still praying that she stays in a little longer than Lexi who came at 34.5 weeks, but 37 or 38 weeks would be great!

Because, of course I'm having the end of the pregnancy symptoms, like back ache, sore muscles, and yes, still my lovely acne, I'd love to get a good acne treatment that was natural and worked! I also have gestational diabetes, and I've been trying to adjust to the diet. It's not as bad as I thought,so that helps.

We're trying to get together the last minute baby things, we're still working on buying the cloth diapers and there's a few other things we need/want. Then of course we have to wash and clean and scrub and organize and figure out where we'll put the bassinet in our already crowded room. (the bassinet will probably go unused because I'm sure Caylee will be in our bed just like Lexi, but we'll see).

Well, I hope you're all having a great week!

Family reunion

Welp, we're back from our trip to West Virginia. We had a blast at my husband's family reunion. There was lots of games, hanging out and of course.... FOOD. after all the food I ate I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need a diet pill or something.

We had 3 days of fun, enjoying seeing aunts and uncles and cousins that we don't get to see much. Lexi enjoyed being outside all the time and running around chasing the kids. Now we're back to normal every day life filled with laundry, dishes and cooking food for me, Work for Eugene, and playing a lone and watching TV for Lexi. I think she missed the TV a little bit cuz first thing this morning she asked for George, then "do doos" (Blue's Clues).

Ahh the life.

Oh happy day!

Welp, we're on our way to West Virginia. Well, not as I type this, but in 30 minutes we'll be leaving.

Lexi's sitting in her night time diaper and pj's watching Curious George. Eugene and I are on our computers getting one last hit of our addiction (the internet that is). See, where we're going, it's all mountain. You wont be finding much wireless connection at his aunt's house, maybe a fading cell phone signal coming and going as the wind blows or something.

It's time for the yearly family reunion. We haven't been in about 4 years so we're REALLY excited to see everyone. I'm sure their lives have all changed. The kids have all gotten bigger, cousins gotten married and taken on careers, who knows, maybe one of them has become a futures broker. I'm excited to not only spend time with his immediate family, but also see all his aunts and uncles. They haven't even seen Lexi yet!

It will be a great weekend!

House Cleaning

I realized that we have some house cleaning to do. Not the kind that requires vacuums and dustpans. The kind that requires us to look over what we've allowed in our house over the past year.

God has convicted us pretty strongly about what we watch and listen to. We do not live by the world's standards which makes it a little difficult to find entertainment that is appropriate. Like normal people we slip up and watch a movie that has some inappropriate parts, when we do it makes it easier to watch the next movie that has inappropriate parts. Little by little we allow more into our house than we should.

Then we get to points like we are now where we don't feel very close to God, and we look around and realize how many PG-13 movies we own. All of them have sexual references, sexual innuendos, sexual jokes, violence, language- whatever the reason may be they are inappropriate for our house.

We've also let something else in our house which we have NEVER allowed. It entered in the form of a video game. What is that you might ask? Secular music. Shortly after we got the Xbox we got Guitar Hero 3. It's a fun game I must admit, even without a big screen tv and Peerless tv mounts... The issue? I have never listened to secular music. My husband stopped listening to it in 2002, we are Christian music advocates and feel that secular music opens you up to more than you think. Here we are, living hypocritical lives PLAYING secular music. Not just any secular music. These are almost all bands that worship Satan. Looking back now I can't believe we've allowed it in our house, not just allowed, but willingly brought it into the house.

So, Today is housecleaning day, Guitar Hero 3 with a cordless guitar is being sold, we have about 7 movies that we are getting rid of too. One of them might surprise you- The Sandlot. Have you seen the old Sandlot? I watched it the other day with an 8 year old and a 10 year old and could not believe the sexual references in it!

Anyway, step number one to getting close to God is under progress- preparing our hearts and house for God. There is a lot more work to be done.

I understand not everyone lives under the same convictions as us- I'm not telling you you're right or wrong, I'm simply sharing how we feel, and what we do in our house.

Slow computer

What is it that makes computers slow? It takes my computer like 5 minutes to shut down everything at night. It gets frustrating when I'm trying to switch from the internet to something else and it takes forever to get the other thing open. Do I need to buy memory for it or something?

I really don't know anything about computers, my husband says it's RAM or something. Maybe I just expect my computer to do too much at one time. I mean right now I have 6 tabs open in firefox, AIM, MSN, one chat, and my thunderbird email... is that too much for a computer?

The Falls keep coming

I know it's part of babies growing up, but Lexi keeps falling!

I'm so scared people are gonna think we beat her or something. She's just now started climbing on chairs (and tables), her favorite is climbing on her daddy's chair to get into his desk. She normally digs in the drawers to pull out random things like the stapler or flash drive.

Saturday morning she was standing on his chair and fell off sideways. She didn't seem bothered by it other than the fact that she was stuck between the table that holds the printer and the game chair. no Injuries.

We weren't so fortunate Sunday. We were visiting my husband's family and Lexi decided to climb on the kitchen chair to get the box of cereal. I was watching her, she was sitting down then stood up, and just fell over backwards, right onto the hard floor. She landed with a very LOUD thump and lots of crying.

Luckily there was no major damage, I think she got a headache, and she had a small bump. She brought it up several times later that day, so I know it scared her if nothing else. Do you think she learned her lesson?

The answer is no, she is still climbing on the chairs and we keep telling her "remember you fell? you don't need to climb on chairs!"

4th Of July happenings

Yesterday was an interesting day for us. We had no plans- or so we thought.

Around 2:15 I got a call from some friends of ours whom we hadn't talked to in two weeks- they live about an hour away. Here's a paraphrased version of our conversation:

CHAD: Hey, you guys coming down?
ME: um.. when?
CHAD: Today! I thought we made plans to get together to celebrate the 4th of July.
ME: oh, did Christine send me an email?
CHAD: no, I don't think so.
ME: I thought you guys went to MI for the weekend.
CHAD: nope, Christine had to work. We planned a BBQ, you coming?
ME: sure! Lexi's sleeping but when she wakes up we'll be down.

So, although we didn't know it, we had plans. And let me tell you, we had fun!

We went down to their house, and got together with a few of their neighbors had a big combined BBQ. Which made it even better because of the wide variety of food we were served!! I ate my heart out it was so good. Including these yummy peanut butter cookies that had broken up Reeses peanut butter cups on them!

It started storming so we moved the party inside, which turned out just fine, around 8:30 we decided we'd head home since it was raining so there was no hope of fireworks, plus Lexi was sleepy.

Once we got back up by our house things had cleared up, and it was just getting to be dark which meant the fireworks would be going on! So we headed down the road to see some fireworks.

We got a parking spot and made it to the parking lot just in time to see the light show. Lexi's attention span was a lot longer than last year. She actually liked it and was amused. We sat on the pavement right behind a mini van, next to a bus for sale and several boat trailers. They shot the fireworks off over the lake, I'm sure it was a beautiful site from the water!

So although we had nothing planned, it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening!

The Man who Says Everything Right

I'm so excited about this post, it's unlike anything I've ever done before.

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful necklace made from freshwater pearls. I have to admit, other than my wedding band and engagement ring I've never owned any nice jewelery. Getting these pearls in the mail to review was an exciting day for me!

Pearl Paradise has a wide variety of pearls available in different colors and sizes (and price ranges), from different locations. This particular set I received was a white pearl necklace and I fell in love with it! It would be the perfect gift for bridesmaids, or a simple token of your appreciation for the woman in your life.

Part of my review was to make a video, kind of like a commercial for the company. My husband and I had a blast with this, I hope you enjoy it.