The Falls keep coming

I know it's part of babies growing up, but Lexi keeps falling!

I'm so scared people are gonna think we beat her or something. She's just now started climbing on chairs (and tables), her favorite is climbing on her daddy's chair to get into his desk. She normally digs in the drawers to pull out random things like the stapler or flash drive.

Saturday morning she was standing on his chair and fell off sideways. She didn't seem bothered by it other than the fact that she was stuck between the table that holds the printer and the game chair. no Injuries.

We weren't so fortunate Sunday. We were visiting my husband's family and Lexi decided to climb on the kitchen chair to get the box of cereal. I was watching her, she was sitting down then stood up, and just fell over backwards, right onto the hard floor. She landed with a very LOUD thump and lots of crying.

Luckily there was no major damage, I think she got a headache, and she had a small bump. She brought it up several times later that day, so I know it scared her if nothing else. Do you think she learned her lesson?

The answer is no, she is still climbing on the chairs and we keep telling her "remember you fell? you don't need to climb on chairs!"