The Man who Says Everything Right

I'm so excited about this post, it's unlike anything I've ever done before.

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful necklace made from freshwater pearls. I have to admit, other than my wedding band and engagement ring I've never owned any nice jewelery. Getting these pearls in the mail to review was an exciting day for me!

Pearl Paradise has a wide variety of pearls available in different colors and sizes (and price ranges), from different locations. This particular set I received was a white pearl necklace and I fell in love with it! It would be the perfect gift for bridesmaids, or a simple token of your appreciation for the woman in your life.

Part of my review was to make a video, kind of like a commercial for the company. My husband and I had a blast with this, I hope you enjoy it.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

HILARIOUS. I loved it. You should post it on your other blog. :-) It'll be a hit.

Pearl Paradise FAQ said...

We loved it! Very creative!

BeccA's Buzz said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How funny! I can't wait to get my pearl earrings, I sure hope I can come up with a clever video too! Great work, only next time, don't wait that long to slap him LOL :)

Tori :) said...

I loved it!! I got my earrings today and I fear my video will fail in comparison. GREAT JOB!!