Oh happy day!

Welp, we're on our way to West Virginia. Well, not as I type this, but in 30 minutes we'll be leaving.

Lexi's sitting in her night time diaper and pj's watching Curious George. Eugene and I are on our computers getting one last hit of our addiction (the internet that is). See, where we're going, it's all mountain. You wont be finding much wireless connection at his aunt's house, maybe a fading cell phone signal coming and going as the wind blows or something.

It's time for the yearly family reunion. We haven't been in about 4 years so we're REALLY excited to see everyone. I'm sure their lives have all changed. The kids have all gotten bigger, cousins gotten married and taken on careers, who knows, maybe one of them has become a futures broker. I'm excited to not only spend time with his immediate family, but also see all his aunts and uncles. They haven't even seen Lexi yet!

It will be a great weekend!