Almost 32 weeks!

Well, I'm almost 32 weeks! Time is flying. I love feeling Caylee move, I love how every morning around 10 she gets the hiccups. We're still praying that she stays in a little longer than Lexi who came at 34.5 weeks, but 37 or 38 weeks would be great!

Because, of course I'm having the end of the pregnancy symptoms, like back ache, sore muscles, and yes, still my lovely acne, I'd love to get a good acne treatment that was natural and worked! I also have gestational diabetes, and I've been trying to adjust to the diet. It's not as bad as I thought,so that helps.

We're trying to get together the last minute baby things, we're still working on buying the cloth diapers and there's a few other things we need/want. Then of course we have to wash and clean and scrub and organize and figure out where we'll put the bassinet in our already crowded room. (the bassinet will probably go unused because I'm sure Caylee will be in our bed just like Lexi, but we'll see).

Well, I hope you're all having a great week!