my nativity animals

This is my Cow... cute huh?
This is the cartoon donkey Eugene drew and painted

This is my cartoon sheep i drew and painted for Kidstuf

tig's job

well, the whole TN log homes thing didn't go through, i guess they decided they didn't want Eugene's boss after all! however, they are keeping Bird's Drafting (the company tig works for) very busy. His boss said that if they keep them busy then he will give Eugene a pay raise. I'm a little dissappointed, because i already had my heart set on benefits, a higher pay and most importantly... moving. LOL. I just love change SO MUCH. But really this is the better deal, because Eugene still has his freedom, he's not tied down to big company rules. And his boss kicks but. and hopefully he'll have a raise coming soon. so we can all pray for that right?
I might get personal now... maybe...
So i've been feeling crappy lately- about my role as wife/mom/housekeeper and most importantly CHRISTIAN. for some reason being married totally screwed up my personal time with God that I had down pat after 10 years or being single and four years later i still havn't gotten it back where it needs to be. Which is affecting the whole rest of my life including my closeness with Eugene. Last night I got a kick in the butt from God (he kinda used Beth's life to help) and I'm feeling motivated again to take care of 1st- my God walk, 2nd my family 3rd myself and 4th my house. Hopefully I wont get lazy again and slack off after a week. I like to see quick results with EVERYTHING, Tig says I'm impatient. Normally when i don't see my body changing after a week of exercise and diet i quit. and if my life is not changing after a week of steady devotions- i quit. and if keeping my house clean doesn't get easier and Eugene doesn't start helping after a week- yup y ou guessed it- i quit. Then two weeks or so later I start feeling crappy about everything and get motivated and do the whole thing over again.... stupid cycle. I guess that means i am not disciplined. So yah, I got personal. deal with it. :)

Head and Shoulders

the first thing that amuzed Lexi... again, the quality of the video isn't good, and she got distracted by the camera, but it's still cute.

Lexi Laughs

The first time we got Lexi Laughing on tape, i know it's not good picture, but it was the sound i wanted not the video


Well, we had a good November so far! we've celebrated Tig's birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving and tomorrow is our anniversary! I can't believe we've been married for four years! it's flown by!! Thanksgiving was fun, we drove up to VA to visit Tig's family. we spent two nights at one of his sister's house and two nights at his other sister's house. It was so fun, but did not last long enough. Today Lexi got four shots... i feel so bad for that little girl. It's weird to me that a body as small as her can handle having four different viruses in her body at the same time- in addition to the cold that she has.
Our house is a mess from being gone for a few days then coming home and getting right back into the swing of things with Eugene working and me working mon-wed. I'm sure Thursday I'll be busy cleaning the house.
I have some exciting news about Tig's job! awhile back the head architect from TN log homes came in and asked Jeff (Eugene's boss) if they would be willing to draw up some plans for some log homes. Jeff said yes and they were working on some contract type thing, well in the mist of it they asked Jeff to come work for them and be in charge of a new department. Jeff said yes, so that means Eugene and Jeff will be working for TN log homes soon! This is exciting!! it means moving to Athens, TN- which is about 30-40 minutes away and it means a higher pay, benefits and paid vacation!!! It's awesome! Plus Eugene will still be working for the same guy. We're very excited. We're not too sure of the details like when all this will be happening, but I think it will be in the next couple months. WOO HOO! we're very excited. I love change- especially the change of a new apartment or maybe even rental house!! WOO HOO!


well, Lexi is coming down with her secnd cold. the poor girl caughs and sneezes all day long. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! We're going to VA to visit Eugene's family- i'm looking forward to it. When we come home I am going to try to find enough money to buy a Christmas tree so we can put it up and have our house all Christmasy!!! I love decorating trees! I think we might try to buy a fake one this year, i always hated fake trees but them make them so much nicer than they used to, they actually look real now. Although we don't have $200 to get one of the really good ones, we'll probably end up with a $30 one. oh well! Lexi is asleep right now, I should be showering not posting a random blog. yah, I'll go shower.

bad news...

well, it turns out that the guy the police caught was not the same guy who broke into my neighbors house. Not even close. kinda scary that there were TWO burglars in my town yesterday! Here I thought we lived in a safe town! Anyway, the guy they caught was white, and the guy I saw yesterday was very much black. The white guy was very scary looking, I think I would have had to throw rocks at him if I saw him in my neighbors house. The black guy actually looked trust worthy. not like I would trust a complete stranger, but if I had to take my choice between trusting the guy i saw and the guy the cops caught, I would trust the guy I saw. Anyway, just pray they catch the guy!

my encounter with the thief

Yesterday morning was quite exciting here. I got up early because my friend was supposed to pick me up at 8:45 and we were going to head down to Chattanooga. Well, Lexi's eating schedule conflicted with that so we decided to wait an hour and she'd pick me up at 9:45 instead. I had this very strong feeling that God was saving us from something, I assumed it was a car accident. Around 9:20 the doorbell rang, i ignored it- something I have never done my entire life. it rang again, so I thought "well, maybe the neighbor's fiance is over there and she needs something" so, since I was nursing Lexi I yelled "who is it?" and a man's voice answered back "Do you know who owns the apartments up on the hill?" I just said "no, sorry." thinking nothing about it since people had stopped before to ask that same question. curiousity got the best of me so I looked out the window to see if I could see the guy, i couldn't but I did notice a strange car in my neighbor's driveway. I was hearing things in his apartment (we live in a duplex) so I decided to call the landlord to get my neighbor's number to see if his fiance was at his house. Well, he didn't answer his cell phone, so i left a message. a few minutes later i looked out and saw the car was gone, but i thought i was still hearing things in his apartment, i called Eugene several times and he just kept telling me "if you think someone is over there, call the cops!" but me being the very trusting person that I am just thought his fiance was there, and I didn't want to call the cops on her. My neighbor calls back and tells me that he doesn't know that car and no one should be in his apartment. This is when I started thinking "oh my gosh... i think there's someone over there!" So i decide to be brave and peak out the back door to see if i see that car. sure enough I look around the corner and there is a black guy walking out of my neighbor's house! I said "Hey, what are you doing?" (i would have just gone inside and called the cops but he was already looking at me.) he mumbled something about checking the apartment and then my motherly instincts took over and I ran inside and locked the door and called the police. Of course as I was on the phone i started realizing all the things that should have happened had I done what I normally do.... i normally answer the door, he could have attacked me and hurt me and lexi, if I hadn't answered the second time, he probably would have broken in my apartment too. And if I had left at 8:45 like I was supposed to, our apartment would have been robbed too. The scarriest thought was that on any other day I would have been in the shower at that time, which means not only would he have broken in, he could have taken Lexi. I also started thinking "oh gosh, that guy saw me, he knows where i live, what if he comes back to hurt me?!" Anyway, after telling the police everything I could my neighbor came home (i called him and told him everything) and the police showed up and my friend came over. We left for the day- i was too scared to stay in the apartment alone.
Well, last night at 11 my friend calls me, she lives a mile away. She told me that the SWAT team was all over her neighbor hood with big spot lights and everything looking for someone, and she had called her friend who is a police officer and his wife told her that some guy broke into a house down the street from her and they caught him had him in the cop car, and he broke out the window and got away so they were searching for him. They found him not too long after he got out. I'm 95% sure it was the same guy, but I missed the news this morning and I'm waiting to see what they say. My husband's boss's wife said the thief told the cops he talked to someone threw a door.... WOO HOO, i made the news. LOL.

I was playing photographer

it's been a while

okay, maybe it's been too long! it's November 12th! There hasn't been too much exciting stuff going on here, friday was Eugene's birthday. He turned 27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIG! Today I got a job. Mon-Wed I'll be picking up two girls from school and staying with them until their mom gets home at 6:15 or so. It's not much, but it's a little extra money which will help since Christmas is just 6 weeks away. It will help make me feel like I do something during the week too. Stacy's birthday is soon. so is mine. so is my four year anniversary. scary. Anyway, I'm going to go to bed now. night!

blow ups slide horror story

it was a dark windy evening outside the local YMCA where a small church was meeting together for a fall festival. Among the activities were games, food, fellowship and a big blow up slide. Shortly after the breaking of bread, i mean chili and hot dogs, they went inside for an annual youth vs adults basketball game. a few people stayed outside to help clean up the terrifying mess that 200 people can leave. Also remaining outside were some children enjoying their time on the slide. Suddenly it happened, i don't know if it was a cause of too many children, some rough housing, a malfunction in the tie downs or just a slight breeze... but before anyone could do anything the huge blow up slide fell over sending kids falling all over each other and one poor girl falling off the top of the 20ft slide. Luckily a doctor stood close by and ran over to check on the children. The girl who had fallen from the top of the slide suffered a broken arm, the remaining children suffered from only bumps and bruises and the scare of their life. Yes this really did happen... scarey huh?


Well, I took Lexi to have her weighed and she weighs 11lbs 4 oz now. The health department was WAY off a month ago when they told us she weighed 12lbs. oh well! she's in the 40th percentile for her weight- i'm not sure what that means though.

collection agencies

I hate people calling and asking for money. I know that it's a bill we made and we should pay it, I know God doesn't want us to have debt or owe people money but doctors and hospitals should not charge so much. I think they take advantage of the situation. 99% of the time we have no choice but to go to the doctor, we're sick or having a baby. Then even AFTER insurance we end up with $4,000 worth of medical bills. Then we have five different people calling us trying to get us to pay them and then I freak and tell the poor lady trying to get me to pay that we are living on one SMALL income and there are seventeen different places trying to get our money that we don't have. can you tell I just got off the phone with one? grrr. I wasn't a very nice person. I didn't cuss or say anything bad to her but I got very emotional and told her there was nothing I could do. She tried to get Eugene's information about where he worked and stuff and when I asked her why she needed to know that she stumbled all over herself for an answer, so that made me more mad. But I told her when we got money I'd send her some, but for now to stop calling my cell phone. I need to win the lottery or something. do you have to play the lottery to win it? I guess the odds are about the same either way huh?

sleepful nights

Well, lately Lexi has been sleeping pretty good at night! WOO HOO! I'm not sure if it's cuz she is sick or what. but I like it! She is even going to sleep in her crib without crying! Eugene is going to be home from work soon and I don't even have a thought about what to cook for supper... oops! I better go, but not without posting a picture of Lexi first....

First Cold

poor little Lexi has her first cold... she's sneezing, coughing and running a fever. :( I feel so bad for her. She had a busy weekend, her Nana, Aunt April and three of her cousins were visiting! We had a lot of fun. She took her first trip to the Ocoee River, and she was dedicated in Church on Sunday. so this is a short blog, but I have to clean the house and care for my sick little baby. All prayers are appreciated.

This one's not very good, she's kinda got her head flopped back funny, but it's the only one they took of all three of us.

She really liked the towels, The lady told me to push her legs up under her, but she refused to do that, every time I'd push her legs up she'd flatten them back out. In the first picture you can see I had just pushed her legs up and she's looking at me like "mom, I don't want them up..."

I think this is the only one where she actually looked right at the camera

Lexi's photos

I decided it would be easier to just post some of my favorite photos than to try to explain how to go look at them. Here's one of her photos

picture perfect...

Well, we took Lexi to get her pictures taken today (remember we won those two free photo sheets). I didn't think they were going to come out good because of course she was crabby and fussing, I finally just said "ok, we'll just see what happens" and we went into the room with her binky in her mouth. we got the picture all ready and pulled the binky out right as she took the pictures. Luckily we only had to do that for two pictures, then she cheered up and was just awake and alert. she refused to look at the camera or even near the camera for 99% of the pictures, she was too busy looking at all the neat things on the walls. They took a TON of poses and then sat us down and we had to chose two- or pay to buy others. Well, we're broke right now, so we went in there knowing we'd only get two. There was one problem... She is SO DARN CUTE. We had it narrowed down to four and then they told us that the picture collages are on sale for $9.99. SO... we ordered one. so we're getting the two free 8x10's and then an 8x10 that has 9 different pictures in it. it's so cute. plus, since we ordered something other than our free sheets they keep the pictures for six months so if we ever get money we'll be able to order more. OR if anyone else wants to order some they can. They post the pictures online in 48 hours, so when they do that I'll tell you how to look at them. but beware... she's cute!!!


Here's Lexi today! so cute with her little purple cord overals on... :) someday I'll get her to smile for the camera...

who's that little girl?

Here's lexi staring at the little girl in the flower... (it's a mirror).
I forgot to mention that she was pretty much sleeping ALL day yesterday so we didn't expect her to sleep at all last night...


Lexi slept from 11pm until 7am, with only a brief fussing at 5am, when I went in to check on her it was freezing cold in her room and she joined us in bed and continued sleeping!!! WOO HOO! Go Lexi!

Sleeping baby

Well, Last night Lexi only woke up once! WOO HOO! although she's been sleeping all day and only been awake for a couple hours all day, i'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with her. Although she might just be growing, cuz that makes them tired. She's so cute, she was in her swing earlier, and there is a mirror over her head, she was staring at herself smiling. She even played a bit this morning, she was starting to get fussy so I tried to give her her binky, well she made a funny face and spit it out, so I kept taking it and rubbing her lips with it, then taking it away and saying "EWWW". she just thought that was the funniest thing and was smiling so big. I can't wait for her to laugh.

Lexi had her first drum lesson the other night, you got to start them early if you want them to be the best! I think she was a little scared of the size of the drum stick, we might have to find some mini ones.

I love the feet!!!!

At first Lexi was thrilled at the thought of having play time with her daddy, but as soon as mommy took the picture she started screaming.

Lexi likes to sleep on our bed... isn't she CUTE?!


Well, one of my turtles were having this problem where it was basically pooping out its intestines, then they'd go back in eventually. we couldn't figure out what was causing the problem, until we put it in a tank by itself and noticed after a day that there was a ton of gravel in the bottom of the tank and we didn't put it there... Turns out they have been eating the gravel in their tank. I took out all the gravel and put him back in the big tank and watched as the other one pooped out about 15 pieces of gravel. OOPS! So word of advise for any turtle owners, don't put gravel in their tank.

oh! I forgot...

A couple weeks ago Eugene and I were walking around the mall and there was a table infront of Sears to sign up to win two free photo sheets and photo session. So me, being silly decided to sign up- I never win anything but I sign up for a lot of stuff- who doesn't want to win?! Anyway, friday night we were at a tail gate party and they called me and guess what? I WON!!! So Lexi is going to have her picture taken next Tuesday. Unfortunatly because of our lack of money we wont be able to buy any more pictures than the two sheets, so we'll probably be selfish and just get ourselves pictures and not share. HE HE... yah, I'm a winner!

She Smiles

So yesterday Lexi started focusing her smiles... Eugene and I were laying on our bed staring at her, and she looked at me so I smiled at her and told her she was beautiful and that I love her and she just got this HUGE ear to ear grin. don't get me wrong, she's been smiling for awhile now, but this was a real, planned, "hey, you're my mom" grin. Then Eugene started talking to her, so she turned her head and did the same smile for him! She did it several other times last night too... YAY! we reached a mile-stone. As soon as we get a picture of it I'll post it.

Ok, one more picture... this was Lexi this morning sitting in the bowl chair waiting for mommy and daddy to be ready for church like she was...

Lexi and I were taking a nap.. can you tell? notice the smirk on her face... and Yes... she's laying on her belly I know it's bad....

i feel like a slacker

I was reading Beth's blog and man, she posts a lot!!! it made me feel like a total slacker. Not only does she post a lot, she also keeps up with current events and post intelectual things about them, I can't even spell intellectual let alone write about it... anyway, So i decided to take three minutes while Lexi is still sleeping and blog. But I don't have anything exciting going on like camping at Yellowstone, or my baby being in a wedding, or being pregnant. nope, nothing too exciting. Lexi got four shots the other day and they told us she weighs 12lbs now, but I don't know if that's true or not because my friend's baby weighs 12lbs 8 oz and she feels a lot heavier than Lexi.
Yup, man, I need a life... All I do is feed the baby and clean the house. Thursday I went to a church play date where all the stay at home mothers bring their kids to the park to play (which by the way Beth, is every week and I just didn't know it...) So my friend Laura picked Lexi and I up and we went to the park. Then we went to the court house where she got a new "tag" (lisence plate) for her car. Then Lexi and I went over to their house. We found out Lexi is allergic to cats, atleast I think because her eyes got red and puffy while we were there.
For the last few nights Lexi has successfully slept in her crib, with only a few minutes of crying when we first put her down, and an occasional cry after night feedings. (She's still up every three hours to eat) We're also working on a schedule... she goes to bed every night between 9:30 and 10. that's as far as we've gotten with a schedule.
So, she's starting to stir which means she'll wake up and want to eat, so I'll go after I post a new picture...


Ok, so Blogger messes up every time I try to post a picture... here is a recent one of Lexi, taken Wednesday. enjoy!!


So it's been a long time since I last blogged- thank you for pointing that out. I'm such a bad blogger! :) So Lexi is 7.5 weeks old and you probably want to see some more pictures huh? Well first I'm gonna talk so get over it. We went on a nice vacation to NJ and Maine and saw all my family- it was great. The best part was that we hitched a ride with my mom and step-dad so it was a free trip!! WOO HOO! We had a blast, Lexi enjoyed meeting her whole family- even the three year old cousins who wanted to hold her. :) While we were in NJ we celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday party- everyone was there even cousins I didn't know I had. Anyway, since we've been home we've had a ton of fun trying to get Lexi un-spoiled. She wants to be held all the time, and all she does is fuss and eat. I'm not too sure what's going on, my mom says she's growing I don't know. She did gain 1 lb 12 ounces while we were gone (in two weeks) Last time we were at the Dr she weight 7lb 12 oz. Did I blog about Beth coming to visit me? That seems like just a few weeks ago, but really it's been since the end of July- crazy how fast things go. We had fun doing nothing but hanging out and eating ice cream. Livi is cute. Josh came too. I don't want to leave him out and make him feel unloved, cuz really I loke Josh too- he's just a little weird with all the space man stuff. I'm intimidated by his intelligence. boy am I glad Blog has spell check. Anyone have any ideas on how to cure a fussy baby that wants to be held all the time? Monday I quit my job and it felt great, sure the only way we are going to survive and pay all our bill is because we serve an awesome God who is our provider but atleast I'll be the one raising Lexi and I'll get to see all her firsts not hear about it from some child care provider.
Ok, I am going to post some pictures...

I couldn't find a smiling picture, but here is my blue light special baby- from when we had to take her back to the hospital- sad isn't it? I have to be honest though, we laughed when they put the batman mask on her... poor thing. I'm so glad she's better.

Two weeks old!

Well, Lexi is two weeks and 40 minutes old. (and sleeping like a log). I thought I'd post another picture of her, because she seems to change daily (that may have something to do with the weight she is gaining!) we went to the DR on Monday and she went from 4lbs 13 oz on Wednesday to 5lbs 3 oz. 6oz 5 days. pretty good if you ask me!

She loves her face, atleast it seems like she does, she always has her hands up there. she's so serious... Maybe I can find a smiling picture and post it. Anyway, here is my adorable girl...

Alexia Renee McCurdy

Alexia Renee McCurdy blessed the world with her presence on Wednesday August 2nd, 2006. She was born at 8:08pm weighing a whopping 4lbs 15 ounces and measuring in at 19 inches long. She was born 5.5 weeks early, but is hanging in there, we got to leave the hospital on Friday, but Sunday night we ended up bringing her to a Children's hospital in Chattanooga where we stayed until Tuesday night- she wouldn't eat and had a very high Jaundice level. However after 36 hours in the incubator with the billy lites on her and an IV in her arm and a ton of blood taken she is doing much better. We had to start pumping and feeding her in a bottle to get her to eat and now that is all she will do... but atleast she's eating now.

I thought I'd fill you all in on my baby... She's adorable.

Dr appointments, drive in's and car seats

Well, Thursday morning I had a DR appointment. It went well, i was told my weight is great (woo hoo! last time she told be to be careful cuz I was gaining too fast...). I was also told I drink too much water and I need to eat more salt- i've never heard a dr say that in my entire life. Come to find out people can actually get addicted to water... she said I need to just eat more salt for now and when I get done breast feeding then I need to not drink so much. I drank 78 ounces of water that morning before my appointment (my appointment was at 11:30am and I woke up at 6:15...) Anyway, I was also told i'm measuring 3cm bigger than I should be so in two weeks when I go back we get to have an ultra sound!!! The dr wants to see just how big Lexi is because at this point the dr is thinking they will have to induce me a couple weeks early. I'm still debating how I feel about being induced. I do not mind her coming early but I don't want to deal with the side effects of inducement. We've been going to child birth classes which I'm very excited about, I thought I knew a lot about giving birth and stuff, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to take them but i figured- what the heck, they're free why not? It's not like I'm going to get stupider by going right?!
Last night Eugene and I went on a date, even though there is still7 weeks before Lexi's due date, we figured we might as well just get it in just in case... Anyway, we went to a drive in! I'd never been to one. It was kinda fun and kinda frustrating at the same time. we got there at 7:45 and the movie didn't even start until 9. we spent about 45 minutes before the movie started getting the car comfortable (we have a hatch back), then right before the movie started I was looking at the sky and said "this reminds me of that part of Twister when the tornado rips through the drive in...." about three minutes into the movie the wind starts picking up real bad, the sky is a nasty color and it started raining and flashes of lightning filled the sky.... We could hear tree branches falling all around the place and the power kept flickering which was getting quite annoying because we were trying to watch Superman. Turns out you can miss the begining of superman and not lose any important information. Anyway, we ended up turning the car around and watching the movie through the windshield wipers. Well, being 33 weeks pregnant and sitting in a car for two hours is not the most comfrotable thing. I was quite miserable. Anyway, Superman wasn't all that good, but they play two movies so we got to see Click too. Click would have been a lot better without the usual perverted Adam Sandler usual comments and Scenes. It stopped raining so we got to open the windows to the car and it made it a little more enjoyable. But I still don't recommend sitting in a car from 9pm until 2:15am when you're pregnant. it's not that fun. I kinda felt like she was just going to come out from all the pressure she was putting on me!
We also got to get Lexi's stroller and car seat out of layaway yesterday! that was fun, it's exciting to have something big for her. We haven't quite figured out the car seat straps and head support thingy, but hopefully someone we know can help us with that. things are just too complicated. we also bought a shelf and two cute hooks (one's a butterfly and one's a flower) for her room! My mom has been working hard on her bedding and she showed me pictures it's looking VERY nice. I'm excited. :) Lexi's room might actually be ready for her when she comes out!
Next weekend is going to be VERY fun, and I'm so excited. My sister in law and niece are going to be staying with me from Friday until Sunday(our husband's are going to Promise Keepers). Then Sunday Beth, Josh and Olivia will be coming to visit!!! YAY! I haven't seen Beth since her wedding... cuz I'm a bad friend. But I'm thrilled! Livi is going to be sleeping in Lexi's crib so we lowered it for her and I'm washing the sheet. How exciting! I'm even going to call in sick on friday... YAY Company!!!
well, I guess that's all the excitement for now. I'll keep ya posted on the baby thing.

Scary picture

I was going to show you a good picture of me from saturday, but it turns out that all the pictures are still on the memory card which of course is in the camera. Where is the camera you ask? Well of course it's with Eugene in Florida- where else?!
So anyway, you're stuck looking at this scary fat picture of me very pregnant. I think I have a buddah belly.

I guess a month is a long time to go without posting anything huh?

Well, unfortunately there is nothing exciting going on in Jes Land. Eugene is away at Daytona Beach, FL with the youth group- they're at camp. I'm stuck here cuz of my stinky job, but I guess that's ok, someone has to make some money to pay the bills right? Lexi time is getting closer, we now have 8.5 weeks until her due date- that doesn't necessarily mean we have 8.5 weeks until we get here, we could have 6, we could have 10... who knows. Either way I'm getting rather anxious and nervous and excited and and and....

My biggest worry right now is the actual labor process. Atleast that's what I think is the biggest worry.

The thought that consumes my mind the most is the fact that I do not want to work after I have her and I just don't know how we are going to work that detail out. That's one that I am trying to let God work out, but I think about it all the time.

And my biggest excitment is just knowing that I'm going to be a mommy! (scary and exciting at the same time). Soon this girl that pokes and pushes and kicks my ribs is going to come out and I'm going to be able to hold her in my arms! and change her poopy diapers too. :)

Being pregnant is a weird feeling, not just the always growing and stretching stomach, but the weird movements, the feeling of having your body part moving from the inside and you have no control over it. It's simply weird. Knowing that there is a tiny human being in me is simply amazing though. God is awesome the way he designed our bodies. Then there is the completely irrational hormonal mood swings that make you cry over the stupidest things and laugh over things that you should be crying over. I'm just glad I have a supportive husband who even though he doesn't understand why I'm crying while watching Ed, Edd and Eddy, he still loves me and shows concern (before laughing at me of course.)

Well, I guess I might try to go to sleep now, I'm kinda tired. Hope you're doing well!!!


is this sad or what? Lexi is not due for THREE months but she already has EIGHT pairs of shoes. And what exactly does a newborn do with shoes anyway? they're just so darn cute. My baby girl's not spoiled... what are you talking about?




It's been a long time since I actually wrote on here, so I'll try to think of something exciting to say. My Stacy got her hair cut and she looks very cute.... I'll post a picture when I'm done.
Eugene's off in the middle of the woods for the weekend with the Youth Group. They are having "Survivor Camp." doing all sorts of weird things I'm sure. Lexi got the hiccups today, it was interesting. I think she had them yesterday too, because I kept feeling her twitch, it wasn't until today that I paid attention enough to notice it was rhythmatic.... or had rhythm. I'm a horrible speller but you know what I mean. we went to NC to visit Eugene's family this past weekend, that was TONS of fun. they had a small baby shower for us which was nice. we got some really cute stuff and a bunch of diapers! WOO WOO! It was just good to get to see his family. I wish mine lived close enough that we could drive there for a weekend.
ok, so I have NOTHING to say... so I'll just get off of here...
thanks for reading my rambles...

Here's Tig (Eugene) and I.

and more pictures!

This is my friend's baby... she was born on cinco de mayo (5th of may) isn't she a doll? so cute!

pictures woo hoo!

me at uh.. 22 weeks?

More pictures for Jaime

This is my favorite picture because you don't have to see my ugly face!! just my big belly. This is my belly at 21 weeks.

Alexia Renee

Sorry for the poor quality, I'll try to rescan it soon and post a better picture... Either way, this is my Alexia Renee!!!

baby update


19 weeks and as big as a house

nothing exciting

Ok, so I said that once I got the internet at home I would post more, but really between never being home and having to fit my husband for the computer, I still never blog! Plus, I discovered Myspace... I hate to say it and be unfaithful to blogger, but it's so much better. I didn't realize how many people from High school and college and elementary school I could find! Within two days I was reconnected with a bunch of old friends. How cool is that? I kinda sound like a commercial. So, i'm not saying I'll give up with my blogger completely, but my "space" is you can check me out there too! BUT a warning, I'm not to be held responsible for anything my "friends" post or say on their spaces. Not all my friends have the same standards as me. so take this as your warning. :)

this is cool

he he he

I discovered after 24 years that I have curly hair. These aren't good pictures at all, especially the one that makes my nose look like it's three miles long... but look, I have curly hair!!

Baby Belly

For those of you wondering how the belly is progressing.... here it is... it looks bigger than it is because I pulled my arm back to get out of the picture, then I realized that it made me look bigger. Oh well! that's the belly....

giving birth- this one's mostly for Beth, cuz I don't think anyone else will care...

well, for those of you who read this and care, I've made an important decision about giving birth. I'm gonna do it. Yup in September. oh wait, you already knew that. For real I decided I am going to go all natural. no Epidural. I never wanted one anyway, but I had never met anyone who had given birth without one (aside from my mom who gave birth when the dinasours walked the earth... oh wait, that means i'm old....) so uh.. anyway. Last weekend I met a woman who is 30, and gave birth to two children without one. I was so excited. She talked about all sorts of things no one had ever talked to me about. She informed me that my DR doesn't do Episiotomies, which is a relief because I heard healing from those is worse than tearing. anyway... so the main reason they give epidurals is because you can't push after getting an episiotomy. So yah, to make a long story short.. I'm going all natural. Good thing I have a high pain tolerance, cuz I know it's gonna hurt like the dickens. Anyway, that was my little tid bit of TMI for you...

More Eugene's nieces

These are two more of Eugene's nieces, Gabbie and Torie. Gabbie is the younger one! He has beautiful Nieces


These are two of Eugene's nieces, Britt and Abbey. Britt is the younger one

Me and Tig at the River

what a lovely self portrait of my wonderful Husband, Eugene (AKA TIG) and I. :)

Baby McCurdy

Well, here's the baby's first picture! If you can tell what is where, the baby has it's hand in front of it's face, we like to say it's sucking it's thumb. :) Anyway, that is the baby two weeks ago, so it's a little bigger now. The next ultra sound isn't until May, so we have to wait alittle while to see another picture. But we will find out if it's a boy or a girl then, so we can stop saying "it"


Apparently no one cares about turtles... So i'll tell you my newest solution to acne... Nutragena bar soap. it smells nasty, but in two days my face has cleared up so much!! i had pregnancy hormones making me break out so bad, and my doctor told me to try that. It works wonders!!

This is a picture of the two of them when we first got them, they were a lot smaller then... They grow up so fast... SNIFF SNIFF Posted by Picasa

Here is one of the two of them, going after the yummy freeze dried Shrimp Posted by Picasa

This is Esau, he loves his freeze dried shrimp... Posted by Picasa