Scary picture

I was going to show you a good picture of me from saturday, but it turns out that all the pictures are still on the memory card which of course is in the camera. Where is the camera you ask? Well of course it's with Eugene in Florida- where else?!
So anyway, you're stuck looking at this scary fat picture of me very pregnant. I think I have a buddah belly.


StacyC1981 said...

I think the picture is cute! I can only imagine what it must be like to be pregnant...I'm sure it does feel odd! I can't wait for pictures of Lexi outside of your body! :)
P.S. 3 weeks left of my educational career and counting!!!

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! I miss the pregnant belly. Maybe I'll get another one... :)

Loke you!

(that sounds like a hiccup)