Spring Cleaning

We went camping this past weekend, when we got home I was so overwhelmed with how messy our house was. I spent all day Tuesday and part of yesterday cleaning. I can see our table and counter! it looks great. Now if only the rest of the house was that clean.

On a funny note, Caylee got her hands on Lexi's baby doll today. Every time she'd get it this is what she'd do.

1st Camping trip of the season

Tomorrow we leave for our first camping trip this year. I'm so excited to get out there and enjoy the nice fresh air.

We're planning on leaving between 10 and 12 tomorrow, that being said we have nothing packed. lol. I have one tote packed with the things that are always in it, so that doesn't really count. I don't even have a list of things to pack written down. That's highly unusual of me. Tomorrow morning is going to be a crazy one as we pack, and load up the car with all our stuff. chairs, stroller, UGG Australia footwear (just kidding) but I do intend to bring my running shoes and get some runs in while we're gone.

This is Caylee's first camping trip, I'm a little nervous about how she'll do. Hopefilly she'll love it and be fine.


Two of my friends are looking at houses, normally when friends of mine are house hunting I get very jealous. I really want a house. I'd love to be able to paint and remodel, add an undermount sink if I want to.

But I can honestly say for once I am not jealous! I have no desire to buy a house right now. Which is honestly good because there is no way we could or SHOULD buy one. We have no down payment saved, we have bills to pay, debt, and no steady income. (Yes we're working on those things).

I am not one to be content. I normally have the desire to move, rearrange, buy some piece of furniture or throw away things. God is teaching me contentment in all areas of my life (except my Spiritual life, you should never be content there). Yes, our apartment is cluttered, as I sit I have a double jogging stroller to the right of me ( in the middle of the livingroom), a toddler table behind me, and a car seat to the back right. but you know what? I don't care. :) Ahh, contentment is so nice sometimes.


People around me are pregnant again. 3 of my friends are expecting this year. One is having a boy, one is having a girl and the other is a surprise! All this pregnancy makes me want to get pregnant again. Maybe I'll wait until after we get Caylee sleeping through the night first. :)

I love buying presents for little girls. I love girl clothes. luckily I have two little girls so that helps- helps me have a home for the little girl clothes I buy and helps me know what is practical. Little boys are fun to dress too, although not everyone shares the same sense of little boy style I want to buy so maybe sports gifts are better. Although not all little boys are into sports either. Toys it is I guess. And how to you buy a gift for an unknown gender? gender neutral clothes are no fun, I know my friend has all the baby toys she needs (she's had two babies already) So I guess diaper supplies it is!! It's always great to buy cloth diaper stuff anyway!

In case you're wondering, the dr said Caylee's ear looks like it is healing. Hopefully it heals up completely and quickly. I also hope she pops out the tooth she's working on, then maybe we'll have a happy healthy baby again!

attack of the never ending ear infection

For at least a month now Caylee has been battling an ear infection. She's gone through 2 rounds of antibiotics and is currently getting shots of some stronger antibiotics to try to clear it up. She had her first shot yesterday, today when we went back for her 2nd shot and a check of her ears there was no improvement.

Because of a reminder from my mom of me getting ear infections all the time when I was younger because of my milk allergy, we had blood drawn to check her allergies. I'm going to be going off milk again until we find out the results. The sooner I start avoiding dairy, the faster it will get out of my milk and the faster her congestion will clear up. If that's not the problem then I'll enjoy dairy again, it was great to eat things again without concern.

The past month has been even worse with sleeping than the previous 6. She's gone back and forth between waking up 3 times a night to waking up every hour, or even every half hour. When she does wake up it's normally screaming at the top of her lungs in pain.

It's so hard to deal with not getting any sleep, but it's harder to know that she is in pain. I'm just praying she heals quickly, that this second shot has done something to heal her ear infection. Please pray with me, k? thanks.


Can I just say that I love my daughters? I've never had a son to compare them to (hopefully God will give us one, maybe next time) but my girls are just so sweet!

Babies are such blessings and it's not always east to remember that, (especially when they're teething and have ear infections and are screaming for hours at a time). My girls have brought me such joy in different ways. Just a hug or a snuggle. Some times Lexi will just randomly come up to me and tell me she loves me. I love waking up in the mornings (not always as early as I am woken up) to my face being rubbed, then when I open my eyes I see Caylee grinning from ear to ear.

Babies, or kids in general change your life completely. (In more than a "what's the best diet pill" kind of way.) Yes, they change your figure, but they are worth it!

They grow up so fast. I can't believe Lexi is just a few months shy of 3 years old. She's in a big girl bed, drinks from normal cups, has no more pacifier and now She's potty training. We are almost two weeks into it things have been going fairly well in fact we made it through the day with no accidents today!

Caylee is 7 months old, she started getting up on her hands and knees and tonight she started rocking. I'm imagining she'll be crawling within the next few weeks. (she tends to do things quickly once she shows progress). I also think she'll get some teeth soon, she's been chomping away on everything for weeks. She had showed favoritism to wooden objects, so I found a cute wooden teething ring/rattle online and called it her Easter present. :) She loves it.

Being a mom has had some hard days, but all in all it's worth it! Sure, you sacrifice. You give up sleeping past 7am and eating your food while it's still hot. You give up dates with your husband and having lots of clothes (and time for yourself). You receive double hugs and kisses, extra hands to hold, snuggles, and the opportunity to watch a gift from God grow from a tiny baby to a grown adult.

Life is Precious.


My sister came down for our "big" race last weekend and not only did we run the 8K, we also did a lot of shopping. We did more "window shopping" then actual buying. We spent half a day in the mall looking for dresses to wear to our cousin's wedding. I couldn't believe the price of things, I never go shopping in big stores, I tend to stick to Target, or cheaper stores. I did manage to find a good sale at Charlotte Russe in the mall and snagged an outfit! I could have bought almost everything in that store if money was unlimited!

I also fell in love with a couple skirts from Kohls, they were on sale too, but not a good enough sale for me to justify buying them since I had already bought a whole outfit from another store. I'd love to buy a new wordrobe, mine consists of wholey, bleached up t-shirts. One piece of clothing at a time right?!