People around me are pregnant again. 3 of my friends are expecting this year. One is having a boy, one is having a girl and the other is a surprise! All this pregnancy makes me want to get pregnant again. Maybe I'll wait until after we get Caylee sleeping through the night first. :)

I love buying presents for little girls. I love girl clothes. luckily I have two little girls so that helps- helps me have a home for the little girl clothes I buy and helps me know what is practical. Little boys are fun to dress too, although not everyone shares the same sense of little boy style I want to buy so maybe sports gifts are better. Although not all little boys are into sports either. Toys it is I guess. And how to you buy a gift for an unknown gender? gender neutral clothes are no fun, I know my friend has all the baby toys she needs (she's had two babies already) So I guess diaper supplies it is!! It's always great to buy cloth diaper stuff anyway!

In case you're wondering, the dr said Caylee's ear looks like it is healing. Hopefully it heals up completely and quickly. I also hope she pops out the tooth she's working on, then maybe we'll have a happy healthy baby again!