attack of the never ending ear infection

For at least a month now Caylee has been battling an ear infection. She's gone through 2 rounds of antibiotics and is currently getting shots of some stronger antibiotics to try to clear it up. She had her first shot yesterday, today when we went back for her 2nd shot and a check of her ears there was no improvement.

Because of a reminder from my mom of me getting ear infections all the time when I was younger because of my milk allergy, we had blood drawn to check her allergies. I'm going to be going off milk again until we find out the results. The sooner I start avoiding dairy, the faster it will get out of my milk and the faster her congestion will clear up. If that's not the problem then I'll enjoy dairy again, it was great to eat things again without concern.

The past month has been even worse with sleeping than the previous 6. She's gone back and forth between waking up 3 times a night to waking up every hour, or even every half hour. When she does wake up it's normally screaming at the top of her lungs in pain.

It's so hard to deal with not getting any sleep, but it's harder to know that she is in pain. I'm just praying she heals quickly, that this second shot has done something to heal her ear infection. Please pray with me, k? thanks.