Two years in the making

Today is a very important day in my house. It's my husband's birthday! Today he turns 31. WOO HOO!! Happy Birthday to the greatest man in the world! I love you very much!!

It's also a day we have been looking forward to for exactly two years, although we didn't know when the day would happen until about two weeks ago. Today, exactly two years after he was laid off from his last job, he has an interview. One that is actually for a position he would enjoy, one that would pay the bills, give us stability and be permanent!

Obviously we are praying hard that this is the job God has been preparing for him. If it's not I pray we can handle that news. His interview is at 8:30pm (yes, at night, weird I know) so please pray with us!

Getting this job would be the best birthday present in the world. Better than a pair of ugg boots to a teenage girl. And hey, maybe if he gets the job I'll be able to get him an actual present!

40 degrees. perfect weather for...

a yard sale? Around here it is. These people think that yard sales and flea markets last all year apparently. And the crazy thing is, it's the same people having the yard sales over and over, it's how they make a living. We went to one of the flea markets a few months ago (when it was still warm enough to enjoy them) and these people have everything you can imagine. Well, normally just stuff you would have no use for, old trinkets, little "pretties" to clutter up your house, tools, Ferrari parts, toys, pretty much a bunch of junk! And yet somehow they manage to stay open, or set up week after week.

We were amazed that this morning on the way to church (when it really was just under 40) there were people setting up yard sales. I love yard sales, but I just can't imagine how these people make money for it to be worth setting up week after week. I honestly think they buy eachother's junk to resell!


My husband has been working with my brother in law for a few days working on painting the outside of some guys house. I'm impressed because it's really, really cold out. Too cold to paint in my opinion, but oh well, it's a little bit of extra cash, and with Christmas, bills and a new baby we'll do what it takes.

Plus it's a chance for him to get out and do something other than work at his computer. It's not work that I would consider mega muscle builders, but it's still work. :)

The only bad thing is that the girls and I are stuck at home without a car, which is ok today since Lexi's got a stuffy nose, being inside and resting will be good for her. (not to mention I didn't sleep well so maybe I'll get some rest too!)

excuse me?

I completely forgot to tell you one detail from my doctor’s visit on Monday. Actually, there’s two things I want to tell you.
Since I finally met the other doctor I decided to ask him if he felt the same way as the doctor I like. I asked him if he was comfortable and willing to allow me to deliver in whatever position I would like, including squatting or hands and knees. He looked at me, got red in the face giggled a nervous giggle and said “Um, sure I guess. Just remember, I’m not as young as Dr. *bob so make sure I have room to catch the baby.” and laughed and left the room. It made me laugh that an OB doctor was that embarrassed at that question. He left the room so I could remove my pants so he could do his doctorly stuff. then he opened the door before I was on the table and covered. He apologized over and over and was red again. I just laughed. Why do they even bother leaving the room? They’re going to come back in there and be all up in your business….
Anyway… The second thing that happened didn’t make me laugh. It made me say “WHAT?!” He asked me if I wanted my tubes tied after the delivery. Um, excuse me, I’m 28 I only have 3 kids. why would you ask that? I guess this is just one place where I differ than the majority? Unless something major happens I am pretty sure we’ll have at least one more kid, and even then I wont be doing anything to permanently take away my ability to have kids. God’s got a number planned for us and that’s how many blessings He’ll allow. (I hope it’s not 19 or anything crazy….)
Next thing you know they're going to be handing out  lipofuze reviews and free samples to help you get the baby weight off too. 

*In case you can’t tell I changed his name to protect the innocent.

Overly Tired

I'm exhausted 85% of the day and I can't figure out why. I don't remember being tired like this in the 3rd trimester with the other two pregnancies, Caylee has been sleeping decent most nights, and I've been going to bed around 10:30 and getting up at 7. I don't think it's lack of sleep.  Maybe I need new batteries. I think my rechargeable ones have lost the ability to hold their charge, it might be more green of me to get a solar panel attached to my back or something though. 

The other thing I've been feeling lately is this nervousness of "Can I handle three kids?!" I remember before Caylee was born having this panic feeling that I wouldn't be able to handle two, now I'm adding a third and it's starting to hit me.  I know I'll be ok after a few weeks (especially once my hormones balance out and I'm not psycho emotional anymore). Sure, it will take the girls awhile to get used to having another baby around, it will probably take Caylee longer to accept not being the youngest anymore. We'll get through it!