excuse me?

I completely forgot to tell you one detail from my doctor’s visit on Monday. Actually, there’s two things I want to tell you.
Since I finally met the other doctor I decided to ask him if he felt the same way as the doctor I like. I asked him if he was comfortable and willing to allow me to deliver in whatever position I would like, including squatting or hands and knees. He looked at me, got red in the face giggled a nervous giggle and said “Um, sure I guess. Just remember, I’m not as young as Dr. *bob so make sure I have room to catch the baby.” and laughed and left the room. It made me laugh that an OB doctor was that embarrassed at that question. He left the room so I could remove my pants so he could do his doctorly stuff. then he opened the door before I was on the table and covered. He apologized over and over and was red again. I just laughed. Why do they even bother leaving the room? They’re going to come back in there and be all up in your business….
Anyway… The second thing that happened didn’t make me laugh. It made me say “WHAT?!” He asked me if I wanted my tubes tied after the delivery. Um, excuse me, I’m 28 I only have 3 kids. why would you ask that? I guess this is just one place where I differ than the majority? Unless something major happens I am pretty sure we’ll have at least one more kid, and even then I wont be doing anything to permanently take away my ability to have kids. God’s got a number planned for us and that’s how many blessings He’ll allow. (I hope it’s not 19 or anything crazy….)
Next thing you know they're going to be handing out  lipofuze reviews and free samples to help you get the baby weight off too. 

*In case you can’t tell I changed his name to protect the innocent.