Two years in the making

Today is a very important day in my house. It's my husband's birthday! Today he turns 31. WOO HOO!! Happy Birthday to the greatest man in the world! I love you very much!!

It's also a day we have been looking forward to for exactly two years, although we didn't know when the day would happen until about two weeks ago. Today, exactly two years after he was laid off from his last job, he has an interview. One that is actually for a position he would enjoy, one that would pay the bills, give us stability and be permanent!

Obviously we are praying hard that this is the job God has been preparing for him. If it's not I pray we can handle that news. His interview is at 8:30pm (yes, at night, weird I know) so please pray with us!

Getting this job would be the best birthday present in the world. Better than a pair of ugg boots to a teenage girl. And hey, maybe if he gets the job I'll be able to get him an actual present!