40 degrees. perfect weather for...

a yard sale? Around here it is. These people think that yard sales and flea markets last all year apparently. And the crazy thing is, it's the same people having the yard sales over and over, it's how they make a living. We went to one of the flea markets a few months ago (when it was still warm enough to enjoy them) and these people have everything you can imagine. Well, normally just stuff you would have no use for, old trinkets, little "pretties" to clutter up your house, tools, Ferrari parts, toys, pretty much a bunch of junk! And yet somehow they manage to stay open, or set up week after week.

We were amazed that this morning on the way to church (when it really was just under 40) there were people setting up yard sales. I love yard sales, but I just can't imagine how these people make money for it to be worth setting up week after week. I honestly think they buy eachother's junk to resell!