Mountain Dew Rampage

I just went ballistic and spazzed out over soda cans. My husband is a bit of a Mt. Dew fan, and now his cousin (who is also a Mt Dew fan, is staying with us. They go through quite a few cans a day, which means a lot of empty cans sitting around.

Thankfully they don't leave them spread out through the whole house, just in one or two spots. However, I HATE seeing them pile up. Even one can on the counter drives me insane. It is a rule that they must be rinsed before being left on the counter, and I love my husband because he at least does that much.

However this morning I went crazy. there were maybe 8 cans on the counter, but there were ants all over the floor. I HATE ANTS. They will not go away. About a week ago I went ballistic and put the garbage can for the soda cans right outside the back door (right next to the counter they get stacked on). I thought it would help keep them off the counter. It didn't. Well, it did because I kept throwing them in the can.

Anyway, I started grabbing the cans, rinsing them and brought them out back. Then realized the garbage can was full, so I dumped it all over the porch and started crushing them. They take up a lot less space that way. Then I came in the office where my husband was in search of cans, found about 5 more and i *might* have freaked out a bit and said I was about to ban all soda from my house. Then I went out and crushed them, and came in and apologized.

Why is it that things like empty soda cans can set me over the edge?


Lately I've been thinking about what to do about beds and bedrooms once the baby comes. We have a 3 bedroom house right now with a big toy room, all 3 bedrooms are pretty small and one of them is currently the office where my husband works during the day.

As is the two girls share a room and it's tight with the twin bed and crib, there is no way to fit another twin bed in there unless it's a bunk bed or trundle. If we did a trundle we couldn't fit the crib in there with it so we're really trying to figure out what to do. We've played around with a couple ideas like putting my husbands computer in our bedroom and giving Lexi her own room (the office) then Caylee and the baby could share a room once the baby is out of our room.

That's the other thing, our babies normally sleep with us either in our bed or next to us for the first 6-12 months of their lives, so technically we would be fine with the way things are until next June or so. Since our lease runs out in February we COULD just try to find another 3 bedroom with bigger rooms, or a 4 bedroom, or something with an office in addition to bedrooms at that point.

The other thing we're thinking about is to design furniture for the girl's room that would give them each their own bed and still fit the crib in there. It would be nice if we could fit a dresser in their too, like I said, there room is REALLY small. I guess we'll see what we come up with!

It's hot in topeka... and my house

For the first time since we've been married we don't have central air. And down here that matters. We have one window unit in the toy room, which used to be a carport and was closed it. It really is the hottest place in the house so it's appropriate that it has the AC. However, everywhere else in the house is ROASTING, even with the AC on.

I have a feeling that as the summer goes on, it's gets hotter and I get bigger I may be dreaming about central air. I'm not sure I'll get too big and miserable with this pregnancy since I'm not due until December, not like my other two babies who were both due in September. It was hot the entire time I was huge with them. I am not sure what I'll need for clothing this summer, my summer maternity clothes were all bought in the big and tall clothing section (ok, maternity section), but since I just lost 30lbs and i wont be as far along I'll probably be able to fit into my summer clothes from last year. My regular summer clothes that is. I'll probably look funny and need some maternity shirts to cover my belly, but we'll see. I've already found my shirts that I bought after losing weight before finding out I was pregnant, to be a bit short.

For now I'll wear what I have, I love that my shorts that were too small last summer are still big even though I have a bit of a baby belly. :)

Trying to run again

I think I told you when I first found out I was pregnant (4 days after running my half marathon) I was advised to stop running until I hit 12 weeks. So I did. It was very hard to not run since it has been a huge part of my life over the past 5 months.

After my ultra sound on the 1st I was told I could start running by a different doctor, who actually told me I never had to stop in the first place. The next day I tried to run. I made it a mile. I was out of breath and felt like I had never ran before. It was pathetic. I haven't attempted to run since then although I did spend last weekend at a youth camp where I walked up and down a steep hill no less than 20 times a day to get to my cabin. I'm sure that was enough exercise for me.

I really need to do something like walk or maybe try jogging again, if I had access to the gym I'd get on the elliptical, but that's not going to happen right now. Luckily I haven't gained a ton of weight or anything since I stopped running, I was afraid of that.

A little off my plate

For a little over a year I've been the treasurer for a youth club near by. I've loved it, i really like details and organization and it was so fun to keep track of everything on all the spreadsheets. The only not fun part was doing the taxes, only cuz I was worried I'd mess up.

Since we moved in February and I started watching my niece and nephew I haven't been able to keep up with it like I should have, and it was harder to get the information I needed since I was an hour away from everything and everyone. So they started looking for someone else who could take over.

We were blessed to find an accountant who was willing to take over. I love knowing that it's in safe hands. Tuesday we met and I gave him all the files, I wish we had a way to make an online backup of everything, but for now the flash drive and files on my computer and on his will have to work. I am relieved to know it's one less thing I have on my plate, but as I mentioned, it's also nice knowing everything is going to be done the right way!

Oh the colds

For over 3 weeks now we have been fighting a cold. It started with Lexi, then hit Caylee and then me. we all overlapped and I've had mine for 2 weeks. The girls are all better now, aside from Caylee's ear infection. I have so much sinus pressure that my head feels like it's going to explode, and I can't seem to stop coughing. I am thinking about getting personal respironics oxygen concentrators to see if that helps. Ok, it's not THAT bad. I would like it to go away soon though, I miss being able to bend over without my head hurting.

I am glad that the girls got better faster than I am though, and my husband barely got it at all, he had a bit of a sore throat off and on but that's it. We did manage to pass it on to just about everyone we came in contact with over the 8 days we were gone. We infected people in Indiana, PA, TX and Maine. I don't think any of the people from NJ came down with the cold thankfully. What can I say, we just love to share!


Well, we made it home! our vacation was great, even though we passed a cold around and at least two of us were miserable at every given moment. It started with Lexi on Sunday morning (the day we were leaving) she woke up with a fever of 102.1. After talking with my friend we decided to make the trip anyway. Lexi had the fever for a day and a half, started with a cough and runny nose on Monday and said her belly didn't feel good on Tuesday. By Monday Caylee had a runny nose. By Friday she had the fever. Hers just wont go away. Eugene got it and got over it within a day or two, and I just have the stuffy nose and cough.

Either way the whole trip was a blast! We had to spend an extra $250 to get our back breaks fixed while we were gone but hey, that type of stuff needs done right? We decided that we REALLY need a mini van or something bigger than our taurus, we were completely squished in that car.

While at Eugene's friend's house we decided it's time to say goodbye to tv stands and put the tv on the wall. They had theirs up there and I really liked it. It is a lot nicer than telling the kids to keep their fingers off the tv, and stop pushing the buttons... I'll enjoy not having to watch tv around the million little finger prints that cover the screen.