Mountain Dew Rampage

I just went ballistic and spazzed out over soda cans. My husband is a bit of a Mt. Dew fan, and now his cousin (who is also a Mt Dew fan, is staying with us. They go through quite a few cans a day, which means a lot of empty cans sitting around.

Thankfully they don't leave them spread out through the whole house, just in one or two spots. However, I HATE seeing them pile up. Even one can on the counter drives me insane. It is a rule that they must be rinsed before being left on the counter, and I love my husband because he at least does that much.

However this morning I went crazy. there were maybe 8 cans on the counter, but there were ants all over the floor. I HATE ANTS. They will not go away. About a week ago I went ballistic and put the garbage can for the soda cans right outside the back door (right next to the counter they get stacked on). I thought it would help keep them off the counter. It didn't. Well, it did because I kept throwing them in the can.

Anyway, I started grabbing the cans, rinsing them and brought them out back. Then realized the garbage can was full, so I dumped it all over the porch and started crushing them. They take up a lot less space that way. Then I came in the office where my husband was in search of cans, found about 5 more and i *might* have freaked out a bit and said I was about to ban all soda from my house. Then I went out and crushed them, and came in and apologized.

Why is it that things like empty soda cans can set me over the edge?