It's hot in topeka... and my house

For the first time since we've been married we don't have central air. And down here that matters. We have one window unit in the toy room, which used to be a carport and was closed it. It really is the hottest place in the house so it's appropriate that it has the AC. However, everywhere else in the house is ROASTING, even with the AC on.

I have a feeling that as the summer goes on, it's gets hotter and I get bigger I may be dreaming about central air. I'm not sure I'll get too big and miserable with this pregnancy since I'm not due until December, not like my other two babies who were both due in September. It was hot the entire time I was huge with them. I am not sure what I'll need for clothing this summer, my summer maternity clothes were all bought in the big and tall clothing section (ok, maternity section), but since I just lost 30lbs and i wont be as far along I'll probably be able to fit into my summer clothes from last year. My regular summer clothes that is. I'll probably look funny and need some maternity shirts to cover my belly, but we'll see. I've already found my shirts that I bought after losing weight before finding out I was pregnant, to be a bit short.

For now I'll wear what I have, I love that my shorts that were too small last summer are still big even though I have a bit of a baby belly. :)