Well, we made it home! our vacation was great, even though we passed a cold around and at least two of us were miserable at every given moment. It started with Lexi on Sunday morning (the day we were leaving) she woke up with a fever of 102.1. After talking with my friend we decided to make the trip anyway. Lexi had the fever for a day and a half, started with a cough and runny nose on Monday and said her belly didn't feel good on Tuesday. By Monday Caylee had a runny nose. By Friday she had the fever. Hers just wont go away. Eugene got it and got over it within a day or two, and I just have the stuffy nose and cough.

Either way the whole trip was a blast! We had to spend an extra $250 to get our back breaks fixed while we were gone but hey, that type of stuff needs done right? We decided that we REALLY need a mini van or something bigger than our taurus, we were completely squished in that car.

While at Eugene's friend's house we decided it's time to say goodbye to tv stands and put the tv on the wall. They had theirs up there and I really liked it. It is a lot nicer than telling the kids to keep their fingers off the tv, and stop pushing the buttons... I'll enjoy not having to watch tv around the million little finger prints that cover the screen.