Traveling and the belly

Ugh. the only thing I hate about traveling (besides the actual driving) is the changing of eating habits. At home we don't eat all natural, 100% healthy, but we also don't eat junk. Traveling while trying to spend as little money as possible always means eating fast food. UGH. that does a number on your belly! And it's definitely NOT how to reduce stomach fat.

When we got to Beth's she eats very healthy, in fact my husband didn't eat much while we were there because the food was just too good. he he. Now we're at his friend's house and it's a mix of eating out and eating home cooked meals. All this changing up is really messing with my stomach though. I loved all the fruit and healthy food at Beth's house, my body is craving fresh fruit!!

Maybe we should just drive the 7.5 hours back to her house to get a plum. Sounds good to me. Don't think my kids would go for it though.