Diners and motorcycles

Last night we got into town around 7 and hadn't eaten supper yet. We were starving so we stopped by Eugene's friend's house and we all went to the local diner. It's a place that Eugene used to eat a lot growing up, so it's a requirement that we eat there every time we visit the area. The old town diners always have the best food.

Last night we decided to save some gas and take their van and motorcycle. I got to ride home on the bike, it was a little chilly but oh so nice. I can't wait until Eugene gets his bike and we can ride together. I'm not sure what i like better, riding a motorcycle or atv riding though. with motorcycles you have to stay on roads and have to balance better. atvs you can drive through puddles and over mountains. :)

Tomorrow morning we leave for camping, I can't wait to see all my family and just hang out at the campground!