could it be?!

I'm very excited tonight. There is a chance I could get to see my best friend in a few weeks. We are going camping over memorial day weekend with some of my family at a state park below Harrisburg PA. That's really far from central Indiana where she lives, BUT you see my husband was offered a free testosterone booster (aka motorcycle) if he goes to Western PA and picks it up.

So today I was thinking we could leave a week early, drive from here to central IN, visit for a few days, then drive to Western PA, pick up the bike and spend the night with his friend, then drive to the campground. To me it's a win win situation. See, she's my best friend and yet we haven't seen each other in 4 years. Yah. sad I know, she's never met either of my girls and I've only met one of her 3 kids!

So I say we do it. There's only one kinda major thing we have to work out. That is how to get the motorcycle which isn't running from PA to here. We only have a Ford Taurus with no hitch, so renting a trailer isn't an option. Maybe we can throw it on the roof? I really hope something works out because I want to see her!!