Watch out Indiana here we come!

I couldn't be more excited right now. My little idea to go visit my best friend is ACTUALLY going to happen! Yup, Sunday morning we are getting in the car and driving to Central Indiana! I hope my friend has homeowners insurance or renters insurance or whatever cuz between her family and my family there will be 9 of us in her house. :) YAY

I've been told she has lots of stuff planned for us to do like going to parks and a zoo, and lots and lots of walks. :) I'm hoping that since she homeschools her daughter who is a year older than Lexi that Lexi will get to sit in on school and kinda get the feel for what's supposed to happen. Then maybe Lexi will accept that mommy is the teacher and she needs to listen. If not I'll ship her off to Beth to teach next year. :)

Anyway, I'm excited!!