This is a picture of the two of them when we first got them, they were a lot smaller then... They grow up so fast... SNIFF SNIFF Posted by Picasa

Here is one of the two of them, going after the yummy freeze dried Shrimp Posted by Picasa

This is Esau, he loves his freeze dried shrimp... Posted by Picasa

This is Jacob- the turtle not the frog... he's significantly smaller than Esau as you can tell Posted by Picasa

Turtle Pilates- Yes, our turtles are very avid Pilates turtles... Every morning they get up on their rock and stretch their legs out, Right back, left front, then they switch, left back right front... it's quite cute! Posted by Picasa

A quick note

Today we got internet at home, so tonight I plan on posting some pictures of the turtles and the new apartment and all sorts of things like I kept promising you guys. I hope you're still waiting and didn't give up on me! :)



Maybe I fell off the face of the planet?!

Ok, so it's been too long, after I pick on Beth saying she fell off the face of the planet. I've been actually spending my time at work doing work- mostly, and a little emailing. I thought I'd do a quick update...
Still pregnant! 10 weeks along, Thursday will be 11 weeks. I went to the Health Department to see about getting Tenncare (Medicaid) but we didn't qualify- we make too much money. I don't know who's standards they go by, cuz we barely pay our bills. Anyway. Eugene called the Department of Human services to see if they had any other level of Tenncare where we would pay a copay and they said we had to bring all our bills and proof of income, and proof of pregnancy up there and see if we qualify. Well that meant I had to go back to the Health Department to get proof of pregnancy. So, we arrived at 7:30, and at 9:15 we were leaving, with a little hope and a lot of reading material on being pregnant. They told us that we automatically get Tenncare for 45 days- but they didn't have a way to over ride what they had put in the computers the week before saying we made too much money. So.... We do have to go up to the department of human services to see if they can over ride that we don't qualify. We are really praying this works since my insurance here at work does not start until May 1st. I checked into prices for the doctor and the visits themselves are $147, that's not bad...But the first visit they do lab work which ranges from $400-$700. So if we get on this 45 days of tenncare, it will be long enough to cover the lab fees! Hopefully this will work.
Target is having a big baby sale, and although I do not like target because they are terrorist, I think we might go get a crib- it's MAJORLY marked down to $105!!! That's so cheap. So if you're disturbed that I think Target is terrorists... Here's my theory in a nut shell...
#1 they do not allow our veteran's to stand on their property to raisse support, sell things or hand out information.
#2 I've been told that each store has their symbol painted very big on the roof. think about thir symbol
#4 they are putting their stores in every major city, and a lot of small towns too.
I get this strange feeling that either they build them with bombs already in them, or the huge target painted on the top is a well, for lack of a better word, a target for them to either drop bombs in, or crash into....
Now I'll get off my soap box.
Work is doing good, although I'm quite sleepy I still enjoy it.
I get emails from my nieces sometimes, they are so cute. Two of them can spell and read very well, One is learning how to spell, so she just types the words she knows how to spell and Aunt Jessica is one of them :) The other one doesnt know how to spell at all, so it's just lots of random letters. :) so cute.
Well, now that I wasted a lot of my work time (my ten minute break) I'll get busy working.