Merry Christmas

I wish I had a long time to post, but you know the drill... I'm at work and I can't talk long. We have been soooo busy!!! between traveling and Christmas and now we are moving too! We found a very nice big two bedroom duplex and it has a laundry room! I'm so excited. So January 2nd we will be moving. Today, after work, we are leaving to go to Eugene's family's house in North Carolina where we used to live it's a six hour drive. We will be there until Monday. Monday we come home and work Tuesday-Friday. Friday we leave to go up to PA to see Eugene's best friend and our godchildren. I'm so excited to see them! The next monday we come home and start moving! ugh.... Oh well. If you want our new address email me and I'll give it to you. I was going to post it, but I realized anyone could read it and come find me and kill me for writing boreing blogs. The coolest thing about our new apartment is that it doesnt smell like skunk. I thought I had a lot of exciting things to post about, but I guess not. Oh well, Merry Christmas!

Oh Smelly days.....

Well, good news! I got to the Library. and I am posting. Now for the bad news..... I can't download Hello on the library computer, so i can't post pictures. That's only one part of the bad news. The other part is I can't stay long cuz I am just taking a short break from de-skunkafying our house and everything we own... Yup. Friday morning we woke up about 5:30 smelling burning rubber and being very confused. We got up, searching our house for the source of the smell but found nothing. We tried to go back to sleep, but the smell was so powerful we were getting sick to our stomaches. So we got up, showered and went out for breakfast. After leaving our house we reaslized the smell was not burning rubber, but skunk. Our cars smelled like skunk, our clothes smelled like skunk, our wallets, purses, watches, belts and everything we owned now was sprayed with Ode De Skunk. We thought "oh, it's not that bad, so we'll just go to work and worry about it later." Well, after I got to work and everyone gave me funny looks I realized it was a lot worse than we thought. It's kinda nice to be told that everywhere you go you leave a trail of skunk sent behind you. NOT! My nice supervisor got me a shirt to wear from the company closet of goodies, and I threw my stinky shirt in my stinky car. Then Eugene went home and did a load of laundry bringing me back clean pants too. So we were good for the time being. But we have spent the past two days (and lots of money) trying to get the smell of skunk out of everything we own. So if you have any good ideas- feel free to post them. We've scrubbed the walls, sprayed the carpets with vinigar and now this natural spray stuff.... but something still smells. Right now Eugene is sniffing his foot trying to figure out where the smell is coming from. We even mailed up Skunky smelling Christmas presents to my family in Maine. wasn't that nice of us? Yah, anyway... I forgot my library card in the car, and we could only get one computer so Eugene is bored reading over my shoulder while I type this to you, So i think I'll go now. Happy non-smelly day to you!


Guess what? For Christmas Eugene and I got a digital camera! it was our gift to each other. So now, I can take pictures of our turtles, and me, and other fun things and post them! Now we just need internet at home!


Work got a virus, internet was down, now it's up, but I'm pretty sure they are monitoring our internet usage... So now I'm scared to be on here.... Maybe I'll get to the Library to post. sorry guys, dont want to lose my job before I get it!!!


Well, Thanksgiving is over. We made it to and from Texas safely, and we had fun while we were there too. Although it took 16 hours to drive there- That part stunk. It was great to see my mom and Rick, and to meet my step-siblings (Who were awesome by the way). I also meet a step aunt, and some step cousins. :) My step siblings and Eugene and I got along great. We're a lot alike actually. Katie is the youngest, She is a year older than me, and her husband is a year older than Eugene (making them 25 & 27). Her and I had a lot in common. The next one is Sara(h) I'm not sure if she has an H or not. Her and her husband, Steven, are 26 or 27. She is pregnant and due in June. The oldest is Jason, him and his wife, Misty, are 30. We all hung out on Friday, and all but Sarah and steven hung out on Saturday before we left. On Saturday we had Texas BBQ, A.K.A. brisquet, or something like that. It was good. Saturday we left and started our 16 hour drive home. We drove for 8 hours, then stopped at a truck stop and slept for 6 hours, then drove the rest of the way.
Anyway, Now I am at work and I must get busy!!! talk later! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!


Just want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Today Eugene and I are setting out for Texas to go visit my mom for the Holiday. I am going to meet my step-siblings. I think I have three, two sisiters and a brother, but I'm not sure. It is going to be a long drive, 15 hours or so. UGH. oh well. Now I have to work. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for reading my blog! and Thanks for being my friend, asuming you are not one of those weirdo's who read random peoples blogs and you stumbled upon mine by accident. :) bye!

Incredible Weekend.

I absolutely hate When you have an awesome weekend, then you realize that it's over and you have to go to work!!! If you read my post from Friday afternoon you know that I got a dozen long stem red roses delivered at work with a card that said "Meet me outside at 5:00" and I think I explained that Eugene has been planning some surprise for our anniversary (which isnt until the 29th). Well this weekend was the big surprise; and it was great! I went outside after work and he was there waiting for me in his car. I got in and he blindfolded me and we drove about 20-30 minutes. If you have never been blindfolded while riding in a car- it is an interesting experience... Anyway, we arrive wherever we are- I have no clue of course, all I know is that I was more aware of my suroundings through my hearing than ever. We were on gravel, I knew that. He told me I had to sit in the car with the blindfold on while he took care of some things. He was gone for what seemed like forever, while I sat in the car wondering where we were and what he had planned. I was thinking of every possible place we could be. I never did figure it out. Finally he came back, and guided me into wherever we were... All I knew was that it smelled like an old person's house and they were cooking turkey. He told me to ignore the smell cuz we had to. I was clueless. Finally I could open my eyes- I was in a living room and there were rose petals on the floor, and candles lit. I still had to ask where we were, I was so confused. Anyway, my romantic husband had planned a romantic weekend, we were at a Bed and Breakfast! It was sooooo sweet!!! He bought all sorts of candles and had the place all romantic. He bought wine, and flowers, and rose petals... it was so nice. The best part of the place was the tub!!! it was this HUGE tub, with jets and everything. the tub was seriously HUGE!!!! it was the size of our whole bathroom! about 4 people could have laid down in it, and it was DEEP! it was so great! Then we went to the Ocoee River on saturday and hiked up to a waterfall. It was so pretty we took pictures, but we dont have a digital camera so when I get the film developed I'll post some pictures. We got some nice rocks for the turtle's tank and when we got home we set it up all nice and cute! Yah, it was a great weekend! So I dreaded coming to work this morning... oh well, it's still good. :)

Nameless turtles

Weird thing happened. When I ordered the turtles on Wed. I got UPS 2nd Day AM shipping, thinking they would arrive today, Friday... Then I got an email saying that they only ship on Tuesdays. So I thought I would have to Wait until next Thursday, which would have given me more time to get the tank ready. Then... Wed. night I had a dream that I got an email saying my turtles were shipped out and would be delivered on Friday. Didn't think anything more about it, except that I'm excited to get them, and then at work on Thursday I check my email and I had one from UPS saying that they were being shipped and would arrive on Friday! YAY!!! So anyway, my husband called an hour ago and my turtles arrived! YAY! So soon I will get to see my children. The thing that stinks is that we didnt get everything we need for the turtles yet, so tonight after work we have to go to PETCO to get a lamp and some other things for them! I'm so excited about my nameless turtles! Well, Lunch time! Talk later!

A dozen long stem roses

Some of you know my Birthday is on Monday, and my anniversary is on the 29th. Well my husband has had this big surprise planned and wouldnt tell me what it is. I got back to work this afternoon from lunch, and was working when I got called to the front desk... there was a box there with my name on it. I opened the card and it said Happy Birthday. Meet me outside at 5:00 pm. I opened the box and it was 12 beautiful long stem roses! Amazing what men can do! By the way.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, I finally got to meet my turtles, and we only had been watching them for 30 minutes when my husband declared that their names were Jacob and Esau cuz they will not leave each other alone. Esau is a little bit bigger than Jacob and more masculine I will laugh if he ends up being a girl. Jacob's shell is not as colorful or pretty as Esau's but they are wicked cute! I'm so excited. I just wanted to tell you all they are wicked cute and they have names.

one more today...

I dont know why I didnt just put all these blogs into one... oh well. I'm scatterbrained. The song Concrete Angel is playing from the radio in another cubical. it makes me cry. I love that song. If you dont know what I am talking about look it up. That's not what I was going to write though, I was going to tell you about the Acne Cure my brother-in-law told me about. As you both know I've suffered with bad acne all my life, well I still have a bunch of zits. Jason, my brother-in-law, used to have bad acne, they tried everything under the sun, his grandmother kept telling him to put egg yokes on his face and let it dry then wash it off. Well aparently he thought that was gross- which it is, and didnt try it. Finally after going through all the medications and every treatment you could think of, he tried the egg yokes. After only a few days, he was acne free! and he hasnt had problems since. Now I am trying it. I put egg yoke on my face last night for the first time, my face has never felt so soft. This morning when I woke up, my face was less greasy, and still soft. Also, for the first time ever, my face wasnt red! My face always has a reddish tint to it, I was a normal color this morning! it was awesome. Even my husband told me my face looks good today. YAY! I think it's going to work!

Have no fear, Underdog is Here!

Wait, it’s just me. Beth pointed out that it’s been five days since I posted last, well Beth, if I recall correctly you were missing for quite a few days too! Life has been Fun. I’m still waiting to hear about this becoming a real job, not just a temporary job. My sister-in-law, April came to visit this past weekend; she brought her daughter and two of our nieces. It was fun. I enjoyed their company. But now they are gone, and I am sad. Next Thursday my new baby turtles will arrive. YAY! I am getting two (they were buy one get one free!) BOGO. He he. I am having a hard time choosing names though, so if anyone has any ideas let me know. I was thinking Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Snoopy & Charlie, Hansel & Gretel, you know, some famous couple names. Something fun. Got any ideas? I took lunch break while writing this and Eugene and I came up with the names Trigger and Happy. HE HE. But I’m still open for any new ideas. I was going to do a poll like Beth did for naming Olivia, but then I remembered she had some smart friend do that for her. Oh well!
While April and the girls were here we took them to the Ocoee River, where normally in the summer the dam is open and there are people rafting, but when the dam is closed the river is really low and you can climb on the rocks. So we did. However, Gabbie, the 5 year old was trying to throw a big rock in, she did it successfully but then when she was done, she was trying to sit back down on the rock, and slipped right into the freezing cold river. Me being over protective Aunt Jes, made her take off all her clothes and wear Eugene's hooded zip-up sweatshirt. That silly CPR, First Aid training had me paranoid about hypothermia. I made sure no one saw any parts of her body that shouldn't have been seen though. She was such a good sport about it. I would have thrown a fit until we went home; she said she wanted to go, but we convinced her that we could still have fun. She keeped on trooping. We had a bunch of fun.
Now I should get back to work, talk to you later! or should I say talk at you!

Believe- The band

My husband came home from band practice with some interesting news on Monday. The band is finished. They completed the work God wanted them to do as Believe. This made me very happy in a sad way. I know Eugene enjoyed it, but he is really peaceful about it being over. This means we will get to spend more time with each other! YAY!

Howdy Ho!

I get tired of coming up with titles for the posts. Sorry. Today is my husband's Birthday. YAY! That means we get to go have fun tonight, We're going to eat at Famous Daves... YUMMY. Then I think we will go bowling or something silly like that. T'will be fun. I dont have any amazing revolutions today, not even any cool thoughts or ideas. Sorry. I have been working in a different department the past couple days, and there is a big possability that I could be hired on in this department. that would be nice. Anyway, I just wanted to say HI!

Loving loving God vs loving God.

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible Study with some Woman at my church and this past week during one of our days of homework it said something about how some people get so caught up in loving loving God, that they lose track of loving God. We are studying Jacob and it was talking about how he went from loving loving God, to just Loving God (which is what we want to do.) At first he was caught up in the things loving God would give him, basically getting God's blessings. Then after about 20 years and working for his uncle he finally realized what Loving God is. Well, in our small group one of the ladies said it was like people now days who get so caught up in doing things for the church and with the church that they lose sight of loving God. That's when it hit me- that's me. Not that I am thinking that works will get me into Heaven, or that I need to do things to make God happy, and not that I dont love God anymore, Just that I thought it would be nice to help out in one area, then in another, then in another. Now I am so busy doing things at church I forget the reason I am supposed to be in church is to love and praise God. Now I am so busy i dont have time to breath and I'm burnt out meaning I dont give 100% to anything, not even the area God really wants me to serve in. Heck, I dont even know what area that is. Now I get the task of praying really hard that God shows me which areas to stay in, and which areas to let other people take over. Yup, that's what I learned. now I have to work.

Beth AND Stacy

Ok, I have come to the realization that you two are either the only two people who love me, or the only two people who know I have a blog. HE HE. but thanks for caring enough to read my boreing ramblings and post comments so I know you care. How sweet! I love you Stacy, and I loke you Beth! This weekend was not long enough. Friday night Eugene was in West Virginia playing a show, while I was home alone. You would think that since he was gone all summer I would be used to sleeping alone, but there was soemthing weird and different about Friday night. I was really excited to sleep alone, and spread out over the whole bed; then to be able to sleep in Oh it was going to be great. So at about 10, I went back to the bedroom and started reading "Live Like A Jesus Freak" well, there were weird noises, and dogs kept barking- I live in a trailer park in the middle of no where, it's kinda creepy. So, after about an hour of reading, I decided I would try to go to sleep. So I turned off the light and fluffed my pillow. I decided I was a little creeped out, so I started praying as usual. After about 30 minutes of praying I was almost asleep when something woke me up. I opened my eyes and just happened to be looking down the hall. Well, I noticed that on the wall in the hall there was a weird bluish light, kinda swirly- with different shades of blue. I immediatly thought my eyes were being weird so I rubbed them, blinked and looked again. it was still there. So I started thinking about what window a light could be shinning in to make the light on the wall. There was none. So I thought- this is weird..... Next, I did the only thing I could think to do when weird things happen I said "JESUS!!!! JESUS!!!!!JESUS!!!!" before I got the first one out, the light went away. So.... that was weird. I decided to get up and put on Praise and Worship music. Well Eugene for some reason had all my CD's in his car, leaving me with his heavy music... fortunatly I found Third Day Offerings II and figured that would work. Well, it was about 12:00 now, and I still couldnt sleep. I was laying there praying and I started thinking "What if I just missed the rapture!!!" I dont know if you've ever had one of those moments where you're all alone and you just thinking out of the clear blue that Jesus has come and taken everyone away and for some reason you're still here. I have them on rare occasions. It didnt help that I couldnt get ahold of Eugene- he wouldnt answer his phone. Finally after about 30 minutes of that I realized it was a silly conclusion and couldnt have happened and it helped that Eugene called. So.... I decided to try the sleep thing once more seeing that it was now 1:00am. So I'm lying in my bed.... and my furniture starts creaping... I just stop and say "HEY CUT THAT OUT" and get back to my sleeping cuz I know that God is bigger and He's watching over me.... oh sorry.... Veggie Tales "God is Bigger than the Boogie Man..." anyway...... I'm lying in my bed, and I still can't sleep!!!! So I've been praying now for almost 2 hours straight, I decided I'll read my Bible. I open it up to Psalm 23, 24 and 25 and read. then I put my Bible OPEN on the bed right next to my head, and BAM, I'm asleep. it was so weird.
So Saturday morning I woke up at 8:30 I decided I would finish cleaning out the spare room cuz my sister-in-law, April and her husband and daughter are coming to visit this Friday, and our spare bedroom was the place where we threw everything that we didnt need when we moved in. It still had boxes of things that weren't put away. So I got that done, and went for a run, then showered, then went to Walmart, then did the dishes then Eugene came home. Then we went and cleaned the church. Hmmm.... I think that's it. No we did something else, cuz we were up late.... Oh I know, we had to practice the skit for KidStuf (our church's Sunday School program, we're both Characters in it.) Then Sunday Morning we had to wake up at 6:30, cuz he has Praise Team Practice at 7:30, at 8:30 we have a KidStuf meeting, and at 9:00 KidStuf starts. After church we went home and watched "Diary of a Mad Black Woman." it was funny, I liked it. Then we went back to church, Eugene's band Believe ( played a show at our church during the Youth service. It was kinda funny cuz their band is heavy, and our church is a bunch of preppy people. But that's ok, they did great. Then we had to go to Chattanooga to unload all the band equipment. It was another late night. When 6:15 came this morning, I could NOT get myself out of bed.... ugh. Hopefully tonight I will be in bed and asleep by 10:15. That is my goal. I would make it earlier, but I have Woman's Bible Study tonight. Life is busy!!!


This is a thanks to Stacy, the only person who ever reads my blog. She's faithful I think she checks every day to see if I have posted, and as you know, before Yesterday I hadnt posted since like August. So thanks Stacy! I love you soooo much. and I miss you! Hope you're having a great life even though you are busy..... :)

Data Entry/ Filing person/ gopher....

So I think I said I was working a temp job. Well it's actually Fun. The temp agency called me up In the 26th of September at 9:30 am and said they had a job that would last a couple days and it was data entry. So, I took it. Well, I am still here, 5 weeks later.... And I love it. Right now I am doing data entry, as well as anything else the two Renee's want me to help them with. I do a lot of Filing, which is fun to me, because I love organization. Well there is a possibility It may turn into a permanent job. If that is the case I would be taking on my own stores (as far as paying their bills, I work in the Accounts Payable Department) anyway, I would have my own states instead of just helping them with theirs. It would be awesome to have a full time reliable Job. So that's my biggest prayer request right now.
Eugene and I are probably going to go to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit my mom and her husband and meet our step-siblings. That will be awesome and fun. Eugene's Sister, April and her husband and Daughter, Gabbbie may be coming to visit us next weekend, I hope so I haven't seen them in a long time.
I will be turning the old age of 24 on the 21st, but Eugene turns 26 next Thursday so he's always going to be the old man. AND our anniversary is on the 29th, we will be celebrating three years of not killing each other! just kidding, we love each other and are very happy!!!
I am sooo glad it's FRIDAY!!! Although Eugene is in West Virginia playing a show tonight, so I will be alone, but that's ok. Anyway, it's 4:06 on a Friday afternoon and I am sitting at my desk surrounded by papers that need to be filed and data that needs to be entered, so I better get busy!!!
thanks for reading!!!

Word verification

There is this cool thing called Word Verification. It apparently keeps unwanted annoying spam comments from being able to post on my site. YAY FOR WORD VERIFICATION! I hope it works.

random commenting people

Have I mentioned that I hate when random people post comments on my blog. Totally random people who want to tell me about china and sex problems. it's dumb. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, PLEASE DONT COMMENT. I dont mind if you are my friend and you want to comment about china or sex problems, but if I dont know you, keep your comments to yourself!

uh... it's november

Yah. it's november and I dont think I have posted anything since um... August? that's kinda bad... most of that has to do with the fact that I moved out of the house with internet and into a house with no internet. and lack of money causes us to get internet. but to make a very long story short (for now) My husband is home, both of the weddings are over now I am planning for one or two next year (Lindsay and her fiance and Lacyand Aaron). I am working a temp job which is where I have access to the internet, but only between people walking by to keep from getting in trouble. so that's my long story short. I'll write more later!

Thursday, August 11th, 2005

Well, if you can't tell by the title, Today is Thursday. this is amazing, i'm blogging two days in a row. I spent the day fixing my resume and mailing and faxing it to businesses. Hopefully soon I will have a job. I also called my sister-in-law and talked to her, and I went for a walk- 2.22 miles. it was a nice walk. I've discovered something I hate about blogger- that random weirdo's who you dont know can read them and post comments. that's kinda annoying, so if you dont know me then dont comment on my life, I dont care what you have to say. especially if you're some sex therapist who wants me to look at their site. Do you really have no life other then reading random people's blogs?? GET A LIFE!!! My life is not exciting enough for you to read my blogs. That's just something i find annoying. Although I guess all this doesnt sound very Christianly, Sorry, Jesus loves you.
35 more days until my husband comes home. He is still in Oregon.
So as you can see, nothing exciting is going on in my life! but have a great day!

this is for stacy, although it's a pretty blurry weird looking picture, that's kinda me.... Posted by Picasa

this is my idea for the tattoo on my ankle. as some of you know I already have the cross, only it's a deep purple not hot pink, for some reason the computer wouldn't show the deep purple as purple, it was brown, so this hot pink is as close to the real color as it comes. But anyway, sometime when i'm rich I'm going to have the wings and the words put on my ankle. I think it will look neat. Posted by Picasa

it's been tooooooo long!

Well, 11 weeks went by fast and my job as a camp counselor is over now. YAY! but Now I am faced with reality that I have to find a new job. I spent the day exploring around town looking for places I might want to work. But mostly I just went to a temp agency and re-signed up with them. It wasn't much fun. My husband is still far far far away in Oregon on the Extreme Tour, he'll be returning September 15th. I'm supposed to be in Maine by that point for my friend Jess' wedding (on the 17th) but I might have to wait until he get's home to leave, which will kinda ruin my plans so I'm not sure what's going to happen. Other people's weddings are SOOOO expensive. I have seriously spent more money on other peoples weddings than I did on mine. Too bad I'm not rich- this is getting kinda expensive. I have plane tickets to buy still, so if you know of a cheap place to get tickets, or if you're a pilot and want to fly me to Maine for free I would appretiate it. Life in the real world is so stressful! Like right now for instance- I have no job, my husband is out touring the west coast FOR FREE! so he is making no money, he works some while he's out there, but not much- he's busy. So we have no income at the moment, I live with some friends from church- which I appretiate greatly, but still all our stuff is in boxes growing mold in the basement. I sooo want to have my own place so I can unpack everything and cook meals in the kitchen and clean, and have a normal life again! but we have no money. So as I said earlier I am in two weddings coming up one in September and one in October, and I love these friends DEARLY! I'm so excited for them. but it adds up- the price of the dresses, shoes, presents, hair, travel (I'm in TN and one wedding is in Maine and the other NYC). School is supposed to start back up in a couple weeks, which means I need to have money to pay for my class.... this whole email is mostly just a prayer request- pray that God gives me a good job, so I can pay for all these expenses. Life isnt bad though! I still love it! (aside from my husband being in Oregon). Sandee, the lady I worked at camp with who has become a good friend, told me that her landlord has a place for rent for $350 a month, so if I remember to call him I'm going to go look at it tomorrow and see if it's a place that Eugene and I will want to rent when he comes home. She is always talking about how great he is, so I'm hoping it will work out.
So yah, that's about all that's going on in my life. :) Hope yours is going great!

Beth Zapf

For those of you who know Beth, she had her baby on Saturday July 2nd at 6:22 pm. (Indiana time) Olivia Grace Zapf tipped the scales at 7lbs 7 oz, and measured 22" long!!! Word from her mommy said she is beautiful and has a head full of hair. YAY! congradulations Beth and Josh!

This is my lovely husband, Eugene, or Tig as most of you know him.  Posted by Picasa

These are the people I live with, Kathy and Jim, they don't normally look that good, but they are all dressed up for a 70's party. Aren't they a sight?! Posted by Picasa

This is my husbands nieces and nephews in front of a big bear, but you can't really see the bear. aren't they the cutest kids?  Posted by Picasa

The Tour

just thought i would post where all my hubby will be while he is on his tour, that way if you are some random person reading my blog from the west coast, you can go see him. so... here are all the dates and places:

Jul 1, 2005 All Day 2005 Murrieta, CA
Jul 3, 2005 All Day 2005 Palm Springs, CA
Jul 6, 2005 All Day 2005 Las Vagas, NV
Jul 7, 2005 All Day 2005 Hollywood, CA Event Notes
Jul 8, 2005 All Day 2005 Los Angeles, CA
Jul 10, 2005 All Day 2005 Huntington Beach, CA
Jul 13, 2005 All Day 2005 Riverside, CA
Jul 15, 2005 All Day 2005 Los Angeles, CA
Jul 17, 2005 All Day 2005 Yucaipa, CA
Jul 20, 2005 All Day 2005 San Bernadino, CA
Jul 22, 2005 All Day 2005 Bakersfield, CA
Jul 24, 2005 All Day 2005 Madera, CA
Jul 27, 2005 All Day 2005 Modesto, CA
Jul 29, 2005 All Day 2005 Fernley, NV
Jul 31, 2005 All Day 2005 Sacramento, CA
Aug 3, 2005 All Day 2005 Bookings, OR
Aug 5, 2005 All Day 2005 Florence, OR
Aug 7, 2005 All Day 2005 Newport, OR
Aug 10, 2005 All Day 2005 Aumsville, OR
Aug 12, 2005 All Day 2005 Salem, OR
Aug 14, 2005 All Day 2005 Portland, OR
Aug 17, 2005 All Day 2005 Denver, CO
Aug 19, 2005 All Day 2005 Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 21, 2005 All Day 2005 Pocatello, ID
Aug 24, 2005 All Day 2005 Twin Falls, ID
Aug 26, 2005 All Day 2005 Bozeman, MT
Aug 28, 2005 All Day 2005 Cover D'Alene, ID
Aug 31, 2005 All Day 2005 Spokane, WA
Sep 3, 2005 All Day 2005 Richland, WA
Sep 5, 2005 All Day 2005 Stevenson, WA
Sep 7, 2005 All Day 2005 Camas, WA
Sep 8, 2005 All Day 2005 Salem, OR
Sep 10, 2005 All Day 2005 Stanwood, WA

This one goes out to the one I love

Before I start I just want to tell you how mad I am at my cell phone.... I was talking to Beth when suddenly "Wham" it just shut off because it decided it didn't have enough battery power. stupid thing. but anyway.....
This one goes out to the one I love...... STACY!!! cuz she read's my blogs. And she called me the other day and told me that she reads them. That's cool. I dont know if I've told you about Stacy or not, she rocks my world like an old lady in a rocking chair. wait... that came out wrong. I mean she is like the rocking chair and I'm an old lady... wait... well, She rocks! She was my sweetmate my freshman year of college. she made me happy. then my sophomore year we were on the same hall, but she lived up a couple rooms and across the hall. she still made me happy. Then I became a loser and i dropped out of college, but I still talked to Stacy, and she still made me happy. Now she is really smart and is going to more college to get a better degree (i think it's called a masters) and she still makes me happy. Yah, I love Stacy. In one of those good, friendly godly ways.
Well, my husband is officially gone for the west coast tour. He left on Tuesday. He will not return until September 15th. that's like 11 weeks or something. I hate it, but he has to do what God wants him to do. In case you dont know my husband is a drummer for the band Believe ( .
Next week I get to go to the Zoo with my work, that's exciting cuz I've never been to a zoo before. I have 5 more weeks left of my job, after that I dont know what I will do. I was thinking about headed up to Indianapolis to visit with Beth, because she will have her baby girl by then and I'm sure she'll want some help. Who knows what I'll do, cuz I really need a job to pay the bills. My life is boring, but ohwell, it's my life! thanks for reading!

I'm so bad at this Blog thing

Ok, so it's been a long time since I "blogged" sorry! Well, my husband's band is officially on tour, and has been for a couple weeks now. He will be home June 7th, until sometime in July, then he is going to be on tour again for another 7 or 8 weeks. When he goes out that time he'll be touring the west coast so I prolly wont be able to see him at all that whole time! Man that will suck!!
Other than that life has been pretty good, I think that there is a disease going around called pregnantitis, because about half the women know are pregnant... Thursday I leave to go to the grand old state of North Carolina to see my husband and also to visit his family. That will be fun, cuz I haven't seen them in a while.
This summer I will be working at a taekwando summer day camp... Which surprisingly enough you don't have to know how to do Taekwando to help out. lol Actually the kids will be doing all sorts of fun things during the week like swimming, bowling, playing mini golf, going to the movies, touring cool places like M&M Mars, going rollerskating and all that jazz... They do a different thing each day of the week, so basically I'll get paid to lather kids with sun screen and watch movies and do fun stuff! Sounds great huh? :)
So yah, I have a boring life, but that's ok, you still love me right?!

This is my goddaughter, godson and their parents... sorry about the random picture of my sister and her adorable five children without any warning.  Posted by Hello

My sister's Family Posted by Hello

uhh... it's been a while

It's been a long time since I blogged. so I thought I would take advantage of my unemployment and write something in here. to catch you up to speed.... uhhh I have a new Goddaughter, if i figure out the picture thing i'll post a picture. My sis in law is getting married in the end of June- God finally gave her her soulmate. Beth is going crazy waiting for her slow internet to download something that only took me 1.5 minutes.... But she is still fun. My husband's band ( is going on tour leaving here April 18th and wont be back until June 4th... I will be alone for a month and a half. But to make that time interesting I am going to go visit Beth and her pregnant belly- which is a girl. Anyway, as you can tell my life is boring... so comment on something and make me feel special....

My puppy

Well, Day one without my puppy is over. We found her a good home with a little boy who wanted a black lab named Shadow. Now she has 400 acres to run around in and a little boy to play with. I hope she is doing good. It's kinda sad without her, even though she was a pain in the butt. it's weird coming home and not having her jump on me to greet me. She always made me feel loved! oh well, now i dont have to feel guilty when I am away from the house for long periods of time, it's kinda nice. Today I went hiking with my friend Jenny, tomorrow I am going back to the same place to take some pictures and hike on my own speed and time. When i develop the pictures I'll post some on here- if i can figure it out. I'm still jobless... it's getting kinda rough. Oh well, my pastor always said "You can't have money problems if you dont have money!" so that's what i'm holding on to!

God's thoughts on appearance.

God doesn't care what you look like. It doesn't matter if you've dyed your hair 20 different colors or if you've never even cut your hair. God doesn't care if you wear black baggy clothes with chains or long skirts and ties. When we get to Heaven it's not going to matter if you have piercings and tattoos, or if you've never even pierced your ears. Because even if you've never worn makeup or cut your hair, even if your skirts always touch your ankles and you've never missed a church service- That is not what matters to God. He's going to take one look at you and say "you have Jesus" or "you don't have Jesus". It wont matter at all to God if your hair is black and you wear dark eye makeup, He wont care if you have body piercings and tattoos, and He wont care if all your clothes are black. As he shocks some by letting the dark haired pierced and tattooed person into Heaven, He is going to shock some by turning to the girl with long blonde hair, no makeup or piercings and saying "Depart from my you doer of iniquities, I knew you not." It's not about our appearance, it's about our heart. So to the gothic and punks- do you know Jesus? and to those of you who go to church every Sunday wearing shirt and tie with your hair not touching your collar- Do you know Jesus? I don't mean know of Him, I mean KNOW Him. Where is your heart? Are you wearing all black to impress someone? STOP!!! Are you growing out your hair so your preacher will accept you or to prove you're a good Christian? STOP!!! First put your heart in order and live a life of worship, they your true attire will be right before the Lord.

Ephesians 4:19 and 5:3-4

Every day at lunch I like to sit in my car and read my Bible, it helps me get through the day. The other day I was reading Ephesians 4 and 5, and I discovered just how many important things that Scripture teaches us. I started to write down all the things we could learn if we read them and I was especially struck hard with verses 4:19 and 5:3-4. So I want to share that with you. Some of you may think I am being extreme. I know even my own siblings would not totally agree with me on this, but if you read the verses- even in context, you can't deny what I am about to write.
Ephesians 4:17-19 says "So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. They are darkened in the understanding and separated from the life of God because of ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more. "
Verse 19 is in bold. Everyone can read that and understand it means don't live like the world lives, because they are bad people. I want you to listen to what God showed me:
Some of us have lost all sensitivity to the sins of the world. We watch and hear what they hear. We willingly allow ourselves to be subject to sins. When we do this we ourselves are sinning, we become desensitized to cursing, sex, violence, and fear. I speak for myself, not condemning anyone. I have been convicted personally in the movies that I watch. How many of us watch movies or TV shows with sex, violence, language, sexual content, and coarse joking? We all do. How many of us after watching a movie actually remember the sex scenes, or the swear words? How many of us can count the number of times they used Lords name in vain? Not too many of us. This my friends, is being desensitized. We do not notice the sins, we ignore the very things God tells us not to ignore. As a matter of fact, God tells us to FLEA from these things. Instead, we go to a theater, watch it all, then when it comes out on video we buy it and bring it into our homes!!! What did God say the Gentiles did after they became desensitized? Oh yah, indulge in impurity with lust for more.... God does not want us to be comfortable watching or hearing this junk!!!
Now on to Chapter 5 verses 3-4:
"But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people. Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving."
These two verses are parallel to the verses from chapter 4, it kind of breaks down what it is that we are tolerating. The things described in Ephesians 5:3-4 are exactly what the world today finds entertaining. Try finding a TV show or movie that doesn't have atleast ONE of those characteristics in it.... Can you think of one? Maybe Veggie Tales? or possibly some other Children's show. God very obviously tells us to stay away from that stuff, before we lose all sensitivity, and indulge in the sin.

the smell outside

I should have added this to the last blog, but I just ran outside to get something out of my car, and decided to come tell you all about the smell outside. It's quite interesting, you see, about two or three miles away is M&M Mars factory. When the wind is blowing just right you can smell when they are making the Twix bars. So you walk outside, and it just smells like one big twix. mmmmmm, chocolate. Those are the good days. On the bad days (I've discovered them to be Sunday afternoons) you can smell the paper plant that's about 20 minutes away. That does not smell so good. Kind of like rotten sewage. it's nasty. needless to say, I like Twix a lot better.

random posting

Someone yelled at me because I havent posted on my blog in a long time. So I thought that since my husband is gone and I am home alone bored out of my mind, I would change that. I quit my job yesterday, yup, today was my last day at Eaton hydraulics. I did it totally out of faith that God would provide me with another job, since I am the one who pays the bills. That is not a comment to be rude to my husband, he is doing God's work, and unfortuantly employers dont like to work with schedules. However, much to our surprise, today an architec called him and told him he was hired!!! God just answers prayers in mysterious ways! My hair isnt black anymore. nope, I decided I didnt like dying it all the time, so I tried to strip the black hair dye out. well, one hair stripper didnt work, so I bought a second one. I still have black spots, but now my hair is all these random shades of orange and red- mixed with strawberry blonde- with the occasional black spots. I need to have my hair a normal color by september. you see, one of my best friends is getting married in september, and another best friend is getting married in October- and I'm in both weddings. busy fall!
I think I broke my finger last Friday. my puppy and I were wrestling and she stepped on it. it bent funny at the knuckle and went "POP" then swelled up and turned funny colors. and it hurts. It is starting to feel better, it only hurts sometimes. Anyway, I guess that's enough boring blabbling. Oh, the lead singer of my husband's band quit, so if you know any good Christians that want to be a lead singer in a heavy Christian rock band- go to and email the band. thanks!