Loving loving God vs loving God.

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible Study with some Woman at my church and this past week during one of our days of homework it said something about how some people get so caught up in loving loving God, that they lose track of loving God. We are studying Jacob and it was talking about how he went from loving loving God, to just Loving God (which is what we want to do.) At first he was caught up in the things loving God would give him, basically getting God's blessings. Then after about 20 years and working for his uncle he finally realized what Loving God is. Well, in our small group one of the ladies said it was like people now days who get so caught up in doing things for the church and with the church that they lose sight of loving God. That's when it hit me- that's me. Not that I am thinking that works will get me into Heaven, or that I need to do things to make God happy, and not that I dont love God anymore, Just that I thought it would be nice to help out in one area, then in another, then in another. Now I am so busy doing things at church I forget the reason I am supposed to be in church is to love and praise God. Now I am so busy i dont have time to breath and I'm burnt out meaning I dont give 100% to anything, not even the area God really wants me to serve in. Heck, I dont even know what area that is. Now I get the task of praying really hard that God shows me which areas to stay in, and which areas to let other people take over. Yup, that's what I learned. now I have to work.


StacyC1981 said...

I think this problem is Sooooo common! I'm glad you were able to recognize it and that you learned something!

And I'm really glad you weren't blogging at work at 5am! Then I think you might have a whole other problem.... ;)