Nameless turtles

Weird thing happened. When I ordered the turtles on Wed. I got UPS 2nd Day AM shipping, thinking they would arrive today, Friday... Then I got an email saying that they only ship on Tuesdays. So I thought I would have to Wait until next Thursday, which would have given me more time to get the tank ready. Then... Wed. night I had a dream that I got an email saying my turtles were shipped out and would be delivered on Friday. Didn't think anything more about it, except that I'm excited to get them, and then at work on Thursday I check my email and I had one from UPS saying that they were being shipped and would arrive on Friday! YAY!!! So anyway, my husband called an hour ago and my turtles arrived! YAY! So soon I will get to see my children. The thing that stinks is that we didnt get everything we need for the turtles yet, so tonight after work we have to go to PETCO to get a lamp and some other things for them! I'm so excited about my nameless turtles! Well, Lunch time! Talk later!