uh... it's november

Yah. it's november and I dont think I have posted anything since um... August? that's kinda bad... most of that has to do with the fact that I moved out of the house with internet and into a house with no internet. and lack of money causes us to get internet. but to make a very long story short (for now) My husband is home, both of the weddings are over now I am planning for one or two next year (Lindsay and her fiance and Lacyand Aaron). I am working a temp job which is where I have access to the internet, but only between people walking by to keep from getting in trouble. so that's my long story short. I'll write more later!


StacyC1981 said...

FINALLY! I have been waiting in anticipation for the return of your posts! And I got your message, I'll try to call you next week sometime! Welcome back to the online world! :)