I lie

to our pediatrician. Almost every visit. Because I have an approach to kid raising that is different than theirs.

Every well visit they ask me if my house is baby proofed. I say yes. because to me it is. But then they go on asking specific things like "are all your medicines put up" Yes, they are. "Are your cleaners locked away?" yes, they are. "Do you have baby gates" yes- ok, actually, we don't need any here. "Do you have outlet covers in?" Yes. Ok, that's where I lie. See, I have a problem with outlet covers. First of all, they annoy me. They are hard to get out when you need to use the outlet. But the biggest reason we don't have them is because I think they are stupid. Let me just say, if we adopted a kid, or had a kid who didn't have the same reasoning ability or anything like that I would put them in. But here is our approach to baby proofing.

I tell the kids not to touch the outlets. I tell them not to touch medicine, I tell them not to touch cleaners. Yes, we still put cleaners and medicine out of their reach. But I don't put plastic covers on my outlets. My thinking is if my kids always saw outlet covers in the outlets and we went to someone's house who didn't have outlet covers, they'd be more prone to put something in them, thinking there is supposed to be something there.   I guess I think we'd be lazy and not tell our kids that it's dangerous to play with outlets if we had covers in them. If they are open I know I will make sure to tell them. Like when I walk out of my room from putting Josiah to sleep and see caylee trying to put a screw driver in one. Yah, that gets a "Caylee, those will hurt you bad, you NEVER put anything in an outlet." 

I know there is no way to keep all bad things away from my kids, and there is no way to warn them about every dangerous or bad thing that will cross their path in their life. I wish there was.  I am trying to do the best that I can, and hope that when those things are placed in front of them they will know enough to either ask first, or just say no. Who knows if they will be offered ecigarettes or  worse, or when they might find themselves alone wanting to cross the street. (yes, I know crossing the street and having outlet covers are a lot different, but you get the point)

Blogging wave

I've noticed my blogging goes in waves. Some weeks I'll have something to say every day, other times I  don't blog for a month.  Sorry I'm not very consistent. 

Today Josiah had tubes put in his ears, We've known for a month that he was going to get them done, they decided when he was 6 months old that since he had pretty much had an ear infection his whole life, he needed tubes. But they wanted to wait until he was 7 months old because of the anesthesia.

Caylee had tubes put in twice, so we knew the procedure and what to expect. When she woke up out of it the first time she was psycho. screaming, nothing could calm her down, the second time she was older and it was a little better. Josiah was just pretty calm when he woke up, which was nice. He just sat there staring at me with his mouth gaped open for at least 30 minutes.  All in all it went pretty easy. He wasn't allowed to eat from midnight until after the surgery, and he ended up not eating  after 10pm. Poor guy woke up at 3 starving. I could feel his belly growling, we had an hour of fussing before he fell back asleep. I'm glad it was just an hour.  The only thing that really irritated me was that they told us we had to be there by 6. We registered and sat in the waiting room until 6:30. Then it was 7:05 before they even did anything. It annoyed me because to me, if you tell someone to be there by 6, you should be ready for them at 6.  It really only took them about 10 minutes to do all they did before he had to go back into the OR, they took his temperature, blood pressure and the little oxygen level, had us put him in the gown then gave him some medicine to make him drowsy.  At 7:15 they took him back, and brought him to us at 7:40 all dopey. :) Then of course they had to watch him for awhile, we left at 9. crazy to be there 3 hours for a 20 minute thing.

He's been extra fussy today, and has been eating a lot, not sure if he's trying to make up for what he couldn't eat last night or what! The doctor said fluid came out of both ears when they put the tubes in, so there was obvious reason for the tubes. I wonder if he is hearing better now. I imagine he would be if there was always fluid behind his ear drums!  I guess we'll find out soon.

He started waving yesterday, it's pretty cute. If I say HI and wave my hand he says something that sounds like a very breathy "hi" and twists his little hand while moving his fingers.  He's getting so big, I can't believe he's 7 months old already. jeepers this year is flying by!!

Josiah's first camping trip

We went camping this past weekend with my family in Pennsylvania. It was tons of fun, the girls love hanging out with their cousin's, and Josiah got to meet my mom.  It was Josiah's first camping trip and I think he loved it. While we were camping he fell asleep with no problems, he loved being outside, the only thing he didn't love was having to be held all the time, it was really muddy so there was no place to lay him down. Every once and a while I'd sneak off to my sister's pop up and lay him on one of the beds, he enjoyed rolling around.

Watching the girls in the lake reminded me so much of me when I was little. I used to stay in the water as long as possible, no matter how cold I was. Lexi was the same way, at one point her lips were blue and she was shivering but she kept insisting she wasn't cold. I just smiled and said ok. :) Caylee liked playing in the sand more than the water, but she had fun too.