Good times!

I had a very good busy day today. My sister in law stopped by and we all went to the local gym and took the kids swimming then went to the park. We played on the playground and went for a little walk down the trail. Then tonight we went over to my other sister in law's house and ate some yummy grilled out food and pasta salad and watched Napoleon Dynamite. I tell you what, with all that exercise and then laughing at that stupid movie I think I'll see better numbers on the scale than if I had weight loss surgery!

Speaking of great results on the scale... Last night we went for a family walk, I pushed the stroller while we walked down the nice trail down town. Well, this morning my wonderful husband gets on the scale and had lost 3lbs just from that walk! makes me so mad. Amazing to me how he can walk once and lose that much weight. :)

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired! Good night!

Food Habits

A while ago a good friend blogger had recommended the movie Food Inc. Recently my sister in law rented it from netflix and we watched it. OH MY is my reaction. For over half the movie my eyes were bugged out of my head and my jaw was on the floor. I felt like a Texas truck accident lawyer walking up to a messy accident. I was disgusted, frustrated and sick at what is going on in the food industry and what I am putting in my family's body! If you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend you watch it. Right now it is available online free to watch through PBS. DO IT.

It has changed the way we eat. Well, it will once we go grocery shopping anyway. Right now we are trying to finish the food we have in the house and we will be replacing it with organic, local, free range, grass fed, natural foods. It's going to mean giving up some things I'm sure. Like McDonalds and Arby's, and other fast food... yah, it will take a while to get used to but I can't wait to know that what is in my food is healthy and NATURAL.

My weightloss journey

I know I've touched on this subject a few times here and there but I wanted to get it all down in one place so here it is.

In January I was not happy with myself. I was so far away from where I needed to be spiritually that I knew things needed to change. I struggled so hard with gluttony and knew the only way to break it was through fasting and prayer. I knew fasting and prayer would break more than just the addiction of food and would help me get on the right path. I took a few days and was reading my Bible and praying as much as I could be, every chance I got I read and prayed and thought about what I had read earlier. When something I struggled with came my way I quickly started quoting Bible verses to help me remember where my focus was and the proper thoughts that I should be having at that moment. Whether it was something about food, worry, judgmental thoughts or selfish thoughts. There's a Bible verse to help with everything.

That was around the middle of January. I immediately stopped drinking soda and coffee (I was drinking about 3 cups of coffee and 1 soda a day). I started running and training for a half marathon, I made healthy food choices, using sparkpeople to help me keep track. I started seeing the pounds come off faster than I ever imagined. All without the help of diet pills, I had no need to look up nuphedragen reviews.

3 months later I ran my half marathon, I still haven't had any coffee or soda, I didn't always make great food choices and I haven't always had the best attitude, but I know a lot of progress has been made. I lost almost 35lbs, went down 4 pants sizes and went from not being able to run 3 miles to running 13.1.

Losing weight is not easy, but it is worth it, it does feel good to be healthy! I am scared that since the doctor told me not to run during this pregnancy that I'll gain a bunch of weight. I hope not!

Morning sickness

Now that we've moved close to my husband's family I am watching his niece and nephew. His niece is almost 10 and I home school her, his nephew is a little over 2. So with My two girls and them I've got 4 kids, 10, 3, 2 and 1. and Now I'm pregnant too! Some days are awesome and others give me gray hairs, a few days I swear I've found an age spot. do those come from stress too? :) Lately we've had good days overall, with a few little stressful whiny parts- which is normal for having 3 little kids and a pregnant woman in the house.

Sunday I started getting morning sickness, my favorite part of pregnancy. Mine is more like all day nausea, luckily I don't throw up, Today I kinda felt like I might though. The past 3 pregnancies I've worn sea bands which worked like a charm, but they aren't touching the nausea this time. With Lexi I didn't have sea bands so I just ate all day, it worked but I gained a ton of weight- something I'm trying to avoid since I just lost 35lbs.

So what's your favorite morning sickness cure?

a secret

Want to know a secret? I'll be getting a really nice Christmas present this year. Diamonds. just kidding, another baby!( assuming all goes well) In turn that means we'll be needing another Christmas present, a van. Our little Taurus wont hold another car seat.

We're praying for a healthy baby (we'd appreciate any addition prayers), my husband would love a boy, I wouldn't mind one myself but a healthy baby is all I really want! After two miscarriages last summer we're a bit nervous, but we refuse to live in fear. My doctor did advise me to stop running until 12 weeks. Of course after a 7 week break I'm not sure it would be ok with my body to start running again!

In the back of our minds we are trying to figure out arrangements to fit 3 kids into their bedroom, or do something else with our office so that Lexi can have her own room. Right now my husband works from home so putting his computer in a place where the kids are all day wouldn't work well at all. we've got a few ideas we're toying with, of course we have plenty of time to figure it out since we still have until December before the baby comes and then about 6ish months before it would be moved out of our room anyway.

So there's our big news as well as a bunch of random thoughts! :) Hope you're having a good day!

New Goals.

Saturday was my race. I ran my first half marathon in 2 hours 10 minutes and 3 seconds. that's just under a 10 minute mile. Not too bad. that includes a bit of walking at the water stations and a potty break at mile 9. Miles 7-9 were the hardest, but luckily a random guy came up next to me and started a conversation. Yup, someone was telling me jokes and keeping me entertained through the hardest part of my race. It was much appreciated, and if I wouldn't have had to use the port a potty I would have continued running with him and got a better time. oh well, when ya gotta go, you gotta go!

I had a blast and would love to run another one soon. I had major disappointment when it was over though. I have been training for 4 months and now it's over, what next?!It was a perfect race day, the sun stayed behind clouds most of the race, peeking out every now and then. There was a nice cool breeze keeping things at the perfect temperature. I even managed to get a nice free leg massage after the race was over. Nothing like rubbing down sore muscles!!!

There was a professional photography company there taking pictures during the race, they got a few good ones of me, but I'm not sure I want to spend the $8 to get a 4x6 picture. Even if it is on nice paper and good quality color printing... Because the course was a down and back type run the only photo opp for normal people was at the start and finish line, Eugene managed to get a picture of me, and a video as I was coming up to the finish line but it's not as good as the one the company got.

The whole weekend was just really good, The race was in Chesapeake, VA so we found a campground in Virginia Beach and stayed in a little cabin type thing. It was a great get away, we had a bunch of fun playing with the girls, we went to the zoo, the beach and also played on a million different playgrounds. :) It was great times, except for the 6 hour car ride where I had to sit in the middle of the front seat because our passenger seat belt is broken, and the speeding ticket my husband got on the way... oh well.

Now to set some new goals.

Flaming Telephone Poles

I saw the most interesting thing last Thursday night. It was around 6pm, I had just started supper (YUM PIZZA!!) I had the homemade crust ready to be put on the preheated pizza stone, the cauliflower was steaming for my cauliflower pizza crust, the sauce was ready the cheese was grated. As I started spreading the crust on the stone when I heard "crackle crackle POP" and the lights were flickering, they went out, then came back on as I saw more flashes from outside and heard "Crackle, crackle POP POP!" then the lights went out again.

In a weird sort of panic we started unplugging all electronics thinking the surges were going to fry our computers and tv. I tried flipping the breaker thinking maybe it was just our house, then we saw the neighbor outside looking around and realized it was the whole street. The transformer blew. We loaded up the "fixings" for supper to go to my sis in law's house to finish cooking when we heard and saw firetrucks coming down our street, we were confused until our neighbor pointed out the flames shooting out of the top of the telephone pole. It was pouring down rain and the power had been out for about 30 minutes and STILL the telephone pole was on fire! So weird.

We decided to just go grab some supper, then went to Walmart to waste some time knowing it would be a while before the power was turned back on. We were right, it was 11pm before the lights came on. It was fun to be forced to sit still and talk and play cards though!

Luckily the only thing affected by the power surges was the internet, we thought at first it was our wireless router causing us the problems, then found out it was the actual internet. FEW! we didn't have to replace any expensive electronics!!


Spring is here! well, it's been here for a while, lately the weather has been more summer like. The past two days were in the upper 80's and I'm pretty sure the next two days are suppose to be there too.

Today was a much needed break, my sister in law had a few days off so her kids weren't at the house, we decided to go to the park and play with the girls for a while, it was a blast, then this afternoon my other sister in law called to see if we wanted to go to the park to have a picnic supper and play. So of course we said yes! Two trips to the park in one day? who could turn that down?!

This is a really cool park, it looks like a castle with lots of levels and slides, and monkey bars. All sorts of fun stuff to play around on. Both girls love it (and I do too) it reminds me of something a little kid would make with boxes in their back yard, only it's cooler cuz you can actually climb up it. I wonder if they make custom cardboard boxes in the shape of castles, that would be fun.

Both girls were surprisingly good today, at least until about 8:30 when Lexi decided to get all her bad deeds done for the day. She's still fighting us about sleep, i guess it's better than a whole day of being bad right?! They should sleep well tonight, we wore them out!

The joys of moving

I love moving, there's just something fun about change. I know not everyone likes it, but I am one of those people who does. The only thing I hate about moving (aside from the packing) is switching over car insurance and registration and drivers licenses. i say a big fat BOOOO to that. We stuck with the same car insurance company (and renters and life) but each state has it's own branch so we had to switch to the local one, which was pretty much like starting over. Luckily we didn't have to worry about getting life insurance quotes, that was the one thing that we didn't have to change. Thankfully my sister in law watched our girls and my other sister in law's kids while we went up to take care of all that. Anyway...

So that's the fun we finally got done! It was nice to get a new drivers license though, my old one was only a few years old, but since I've lost almost 35lbs I look a little different. One thing about Virginia is that they mail you your new card, so I have to wait 2 weeks until I see what the picture looks like. :)