Spring is here! well, it's been here for a while, lately the weather has been more summer like. The past two days were in the upper 80's and I'm pretty sure the next two days are suppose to be there too.

Today was a much needed break, my sister in law had a few days off so her kids weren't at the house, we decided to go to the park and play with the girls for a while, it was a blast, then this afternoon my other sister in law called to see if we wanted to go to the park to have a picnic supper and play. So of course we said yes! Two trips to the park in one day? who could turn that down?!

This is a really cool park, it looks like a castle with lots of levels and slides, and monkey bars. All sorts of fun stuff to play around on. Both girls love it (and I do too) it reminds me of something a little kid would make with boxes in their back yard, only it's cooler cuz you can actually climb up it. I wonder if they make custom cardboard boxes in the shape of castles, that would be fun.

Both girls were surprisingly good today, at least until about 8:30 when Lexi decided to get all her bad deeds done for the day. She's still fighting us about sleep, i guess it's better than a whole day of being bad right?! They should sleep well tonight, we wore them out!