New Goals.

Saturday was my race. I ran my first half marathon in 2 hours 10 minutes and 3 seconds. that's just under a 10 minute mile. Not too bad. that includes a bit of walking at the water stations and a potty break at mile 9. Miles 7-9 were the hardest, but luckily a random guy came up next to me and started a conversation. Yup, someone was telling me jokes and keeping me entertained through the hardest part of my race. It was much appreciated, and if I wouldn't have had to use the port a potty I would have continued running with him and got a better time. oh well, when ya gotta go, you gotta go!

I had a blast and would love to run another one soon. I had major disappointment when it was over though. I have been training for 4 months and now it's over, what next?!It was a perfect race day, the sun stayed behind clouds most of the race, peeking out every now and then. There was a nice cool breeze keeping things at the perfect temperature. I even managed to get a nice free leg massage after the race was over. Nothing like rubbing down sore muscles!!!

There was a professional photography company there taking pictures during the race, they got a few good ones of me, but I'm not sure I want to spend the $8 to get a 4x6 picture. Even if it is on nice paper and good quality color printing... Because the course was a down and back type run the only photo opp for normal people was at the start and finish line, Eugene managed to get a picture of me, and a video as I was coming up to the finish line but it's not as good as the one the company got.

The whole weekend was just really good, The race was in Chesapeake, VA so we found a campground in Virginia Beach and stayed in a little cabin type thing. It was a great get away, we had a bunch of fun playing with the girls, we went to the zoo, the beach and also played on a million different playgrounds. :) It was great times, except for the 6 hour car ride where I had to sit in the middle of the front seat because our passenger seat belt is broken, and the speeding ticket my husband got on the way... oh well.

Now to set some new goals.