My weightloss journey

I know I've touched on this subject a few times here and there but I wanted to get it all down in one place so here it is.

In January I was not happy with myself. I was so far away from where I needed to be spiritually that I knew things needed to change. I struggled so hard with gluttony and knew the only way to break it was through fasting and prayer. I knew fasting and prayer would break more than just the addiction of food and would help me get on the right path. I took a few days and was reading my Bible and praying as much as I could be, every chance I got I read and prayed and thought about what I had read earlier. When something I struggled with came my way I quickly started quoting Bible verses to help me remember where my focus was and the proper thoughts that I should be having at that moment. Whether it was something about food, worry, judgmental thoughts or selfish thoughts. There's a Bible verse to help with everything.

That was around the middle of January. I immediately stopped drinking soda and coffee (I was drinking about 3 cups of coffee and 1 soda a day). I started running and training for a half marathon, I made healthy food choices, using sparkpeople to help me keep track. I started seeing the pounds come off faster than I ever imagined. All without the help of diet pills, I had no need to look up nuphedragen reviews.

3 months later I ran my half marathon, I still haven't had any coffee or soda, I didn't always make great food choices and I haven't always had the best attitude, but I know a lot of progress has been made. I lost almost 35lbs, went down 4 pants sizes and went from not being able to run 3 miles to running 13.1.

Losing weight is not easy, but it is worth it, it does feel good to be healthy! I am scared that since the doctor told me not to run during this pregnancy that I'll gain a bunch of weight. I hope not!