Flaming Telephone Poles

I saw the most interesting thing last Thursday night. It was around 6pm, I had just started supper (YUM PIZZA!!) I had the homemade crust ready to be put on the preheated pizza stone, the cauliflower was steaming for my cauliflower pizza crust, the sauce was ready the cheese was grated. As I started spreading the crust on the stone when I heard "crackle crackle POP" and the lights were flickering, they went out, then came back on as I saw more flashes from outside and heard "Crackle, crackle POP POP!" then the lights went out again.

In a weird sort of panic we started unplugging all electronics thinking the surges were going to fry our computers and tv. I tried flipping the breaker thinking maybe it was just our house, then we saw the neighbor outside looking around and realized it was the whole street. The transformer blew. We loaded up the "fixings" for supper to go to my sis in law's house to finish cooking when we heard and saw firetrucks coming down our street, we were confused until our neighbor pointed out the flames shooting out of the top of the telephone pole. It was pouring down rain and the power had been out for about 30 minutes and STILL the telephone pole was on fire! So weird.

We decided to just go grab some supper, then went to Walmart to waste some time knowing it would be a while before the power was turned back on. We were right, it was 11pm before the lights came on. It was fun to be forced to sit still and talk and play cards though!

Luckily the only thing affected by the power surges was the internet, we thought at first it was our wireless router causing us the problems, then found out it was the actual internet. FEW! we didn't have to replace any expensive electronics!!