Good times!

I had a very good busy day today. My sister in law stopped by and we all went to the local gym and took the kids swimming then went to the park. We played on the playground and went for a little walk down the trail. Then tonight we went over to my other sister in law's house and ate some yummy grilled out food and pasta salad and watched Napoleon Dynamite. I tell you what, with all that exercise and then laughing at that stupid movie I think I'll see better numbers on the scale than if I had weight loss surgery!

Speaking of great results on the scale... Last night we went for a family walk, I pushed the stroller while we walked down the nice trail down town. Well, this morning my wonderful husband gets on the scale and had lost 3lbs just from that walk! makes me so mad. Amazing to me how he can walk once and lose that much weight. :)

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired! Good night!