Morning sickness

Now that we've moved close to my husband's family I am watching his niece and nephew. His niece is almost 10 and I home school her, his nephew is a little over 2. So with My two girls and them I've got 4 kids, 10, 3, 2 and 1. and Now I'm pregnant too! Some days are awesome and others give me gray hairs, a few days I swear I've found an age spot. do those come from stress too? :) Lately we've had good days overall, with a few little stressful whiny parts- which is normal for having 3 little kids and a pregnant woman in the house.

Sunday I started getting morning sickness, my favorite part of pregnancy. Mine is more like all day nausea, luckily I don't throw up, Today I kinda felt like I might though. The past 3 pregnancies I've worn sea bands which worked like a charm, but they aren't touching the nausea this time. With Lexi I didn't have sea bands so I just ate all day, it worked but I gained a ton of weight- something I'm trying to avoid since I just lost 35lbs.

So what's your favorite morning sickness cure?