i wanna be a rock-star...

Lexi's first pair of shades... isn't she so cool?

Baby's first box

Lexi is thinking "Hmm, is it really possible to stick my binky and the rattle in my mouth at the same time? Let me try." Yesterday afternoon Lexi was SO fussy she would not stop screaming unless i was holding her, and i had supper to cook so i couldn't hold her. So i thought...Hmm, let's see if Lexi likes boxes! and well, she did!

Stir- Fry

Yummy steak stir-fry! i never would have guessed something so easy would look and taste so good!!!! I do have one thing to say.. Thank God for Uncle Ben. i tried making plain rice once it was so nasty so this time i thought i'd use Uncle Ben 90 second rice... OH MY OH MY. it was so yummy!! Go me! (haha this was the easiest meal and i made it sound like it was hard.)

Chicken noodle goodness

That is my Chicken Noodle Soup, I made it all by myself!! and it is SO yummy. i wanted to share the picture. See for V-day I made a whole chicken- for the first time ever and it was very good. but Eugene and i barely made a dent in it, so i decided i would use some of the extra to make chicken noodle soup. One problem, Eugene doesn't eat it, but I do! he he. So as i was cooking it this morning i realized how much soup i was making and that it was going to take me 3 years to eat it all, So I'm going to share it with another family, I'm even making cornbread muffins for them! yummy! Anyway, my first attempt at chicken noodle soup was very successful.