My first car accident

I got into my first car accident the other day. I hydroplaned into a guard rail. No one was hurt thankfully. but I am glad I listened to my gut and called the police to fill out an accident report. I wasn't sure who to call so I called 911 call center services and they connected me to the local police.

The whole thing is an amazing story really, I wasn't going too fast, and there wasn't a ton of water on the road, it wasn't raining but had rained earlier. it was enough water that I slid and started to spin. I put on the breaks not thinking, which slowed me down, but I smashed into the guard rail. As soon as it happened I called Eugene to find out what to do and the very first car that drove by just happened to be a man from my church. He stopped and a pilot on the way home stopped too. Together they changed my tire and got me to a safer place on the other side of the street to wait for the police. The guy from my church was so nice, not only did he change the tire he stayed with me until the police came, sat in the car with Caylee while I was in the police car and followed me most of the way home until I told him I was ok and he should just go home.

I am so thankful I waited for the police even though I got a ticket and have to go spend a day in court (the police said I will not have to pay after court). But so far the estimates on the car which don't include the two tires we had to buy and the alignment we need are $1800 and $2400. our deductible is $500, so we will end up paying about $650 total. So much for getting a lap top for my birthday!


My 7th anniversary is coming up and I decided since we never got an anniversary we should take a good trip. surely after a year of being unemployed we can afford a little trip to Punta Cana or Hawaii or some place warm and sunny right?

A trip to the grocery store is more likely, maybe even walmart or target. :) Either way I am happy that I have celebrated seven years with such a wonderful man!

the Big 3-0

My wonderful Hubby turned thirty yesterday. we didn't have a big party or anything but we did have some friends come over. We ate a great meal of steak on the grill, twice baked potatoes, salad, home made bread and delicious chocolate cheese cake. I ate so much that my belly fat is twice as big now. Our friends brought the bread and cheese cake and man oh man was that cheese cake good!

I have a funny story about the grilling of the steak... We borrowed our neighbors grill which apparently has some quirks. Our friend was doing most of the grilling and had the nobs turned to where he thought was low, but in fact was high. We found that out only after we almost burned the house down. We had the grill on our little porch, which has a small awning, and the grease from the steaks had caused a fire. which was so big it was coming out of the grill in the back. Luckily the neighbor went out side for something and saw it, about the time I was trying to tell my husband there was a lot of smoke... he he.

the good news was the steaks were fine. and we didn't burn down the house. he he.

Gonna take a trip

Well, it's been almost a year and we're finally able to take a trip back "home" to Tennessee. It's been way too long and I miss everyone so bad.

I'm not looking forward to the trip though, 5 hours in a car with the girls is bad enough, but that lovely rock slide on I-40 changes our plans big time. Now we will have to go south to Atlanta then up to TN to get there. It only adds an hour and is much better than the detour they DOT tells you to take. Also, I'm hoping that since the DOT tells you to go another way it will mean less traffic for us.

That is a horrible section of road and this isn't the first time there has been major rock slides. I'm thinking they need to post some exit signs on the side of the mountain so the next time rocks want to fall they know where to go without taking out the road. Or maybe there is some better solution to prevent all this mess.

a loss for words

I don't remember any other time in my life where I have had no words while praying. Something burdens my heart to the point of not even knowing what to say. If you know me, you know talking is not something i struggle with!

I have several friends going through some major stuff right now, spiritual battles, health problems with them their parents, their nieces, their friends... Then of course all the people I know who are struggling financially too. (as bad as things have gotten I don't know too many people using an Entertainment workers job search, maybe we're not in the right field?)

I've found myself spending so much time and energy praying lately for one friend in particular. If I were in her shoes I am not sure what I would do. She's facing a lot right now while trying to maintain her life as a mom, wife and at work. She has been such an example to me, and even through her struggle strengthened me and my attitude, not to mention changed my prayer life! Amazing woman of God, amazing strength. If you don't mind say a quick little prayer for her and her family. Thanks!


The other day i was looking in the mirror and realized how old I looked. Between lack of sleep and well, just plain growing older i've got dark circles under my eyes and wrinkles forming! I don't think even the best eye cream could help me right now. I think I need a facial, three days of sleep and some healthy food, maybe some raw veggies? oh sounds so good. Maybe a mini vacation. My birthday is coming up... think that spa trip is in the budget? he he probably not!

Speaking of birthdays, my hubby's big 3-0 is less than a week away. We had a party in the making last year, but almost a year of being laid off changed the plans. Now we don't have anything special planned, I might see if some friends want to come hang out. Mostly we'll be celebrating by taking a trip over to see our friends in the great state of Tennessee. I can't wait!! Of course the lovely sock slide on I-40 is causing us to have a great.big.detour. but that is ok, it only adds an hour and we'll be able to meet a friend's new baby and visit a bit! needless to say I can't wait until next weekend.