a loss for words

I don't remember any other time in my life where I have had no words while praying. Something burdens my heart to the point of not even knowing what to say. If you know me, you know talking is not something i struggle with!

I have several friends going through some major stuff right now, spiritual battles, health problems with them their parents, their nieces, their friends... Then of course all the people I know who are struggling financially too. (as bad as things have gotten I don't know too many people using an Entertainment workers job search, maybe we're not in the right field?)

I've found myself spending so much time and energy praying lately for one friend in particular. If I were in her shoes I am not sure what I would do. She's facing a lot right now while trying to maintain her life as a mom, wife and at work. She has been such an example to me, and even through her struggle strengthened me and my attitude, not to mention changed my prayer life! Amazing woman of God, amazing strength. If you don't mind say a quick little prayer for her and her family. Thanks!